Network users earn money even by playing

Mir4 game scenario: play without paying, there are players who pay other people to devote themselves

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Fortunately for many players, it is possible to earn extra money even by doing your favorite hobby. Many online games allow the player to earn money by playing.

There are several ways to make money, and one that is quite common is to sell your highly experienced avatar to a beginner player who doesn’t want to spend hours developing their character.

University professor and game developer Victor Hugo Korting said he has already raised $450 this way. “At that time, it was almost two minimum wages. I spent two years playing until I got sick of it and decided to sell my account”.

He posted his own avatar on the Game of War forum. After that, Victor Hugo received a message from the interested party, who made the payment via bank deposit. Then Victor sent his username and password.

Another way to earn money from gaming involves games that pay with cryptocurrencies. “There are games that have their own currency, and you have to start by investing something, buying a bundle of currency and then you can sell it to other people or to the game itself,” explained Victor Hugo.

According to a gaming expert, the risk of this includes the game crashing, going offline and players who have invested money losing everything.

Dental student Daniel Matheus, 23, mentions the Sunflower game and recalls that these games are like an investment. “If you play it right, the investment of R$ 800 you made at the beginning will be returned to you in a month. But you have to play every day,” he recalls.

According to logistics operator Lucas Gatti, 27, these games require many hours of dedication, which is why he gave up before receiving any amount.

“I didn’t have time to devote myself to it, I worked at night. To be able to play without paying on Mir4, you had to play about eight hours a day. I’ve heard of people paying others to play for them,” he says.

Another way to earn money playing is to be a relic hunter. “There are games that sell rare items, known as skins. These are clothes, accessories and weapons. If you find a super rare one, you can sell it later. There are items worth R$40,000 and R$50,000. “Only one out of every 100,000 players has it,” says Victor.

Online business will grow by 24%

Expectations are positive for those who invest in profitable activities on the Internet. Research has shown that online business will grow by 24% by the end of the year, according to research by the HostGator platform, which is used to create websites, based on data from SmartHint and the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm).

Research shows that growth this year should be higher than the same period last year, when growth of 17% was recorded, according to another research from the same platform.

Economist Eduardo Araújo understands these numbers based on two factors: changes in consumer behavior and the commemoration of dates that will occur, such as Black Friday and Christmas, for example.

“During the pandemic, many consumers have become accustomed to virtual stores and this has changed the behavior of many people. In addition, these festive dates are always favorable for sales”.

According to ABComma’s projection, the online market sector should end the year with a revenue of R$169.5 billion. On the Internet, credit card dominates as a payment method with 82.6 percent.

Research shows that 45% of the population worked casual jobs.

The search for additional income on the Internet is accompanied by an increase in the number of Brazilians who work part-time jobs. In the last year, 45% of the population had to do some activity to be able to pay their bills at the end of the month.

This was the result of research carried out by Intelligence in Research and Consulting (Ipec), at the request of the Instituto Cidades Sustentáveis ​​​​​​​​(ICS). 2,000 people in 128 municipalities across the country took part in the survey.

Most of the activities carried out were related to the service sector. Overall, 33% revealed performing tasks such as maintenance, beautification, security, driver, app delivery, cleaning, babysitting, tutoring, or caring for the elderly and animals.

Another 28% of respondents supplemented their income by selling goods, such as home-prepared food, handicrafts, second-hand clothes and objects, cosmetics and beauty products or products from street shops.

According to economist Eduardo Araúj, this situation is a consequence of the general increase in prices that occurred last year. “Many families try to cut costs, but it’s not always enough. At these times, many turn to complementary skills.”

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Games for extra money

> Axie Infinity

> Sandstone

> Mir4

> AppKarma

> Big time

> CashPirate

> Quiz

> FeaturePoints

> game

> Cash alarm

the growth of e-commerce

> Internet business is expected to grow even more this year.

> While in 2021, the HostGator platform indicated a sales growth of 17%, in 2022, it is estimated that the growth should be 24% by the end of the year, according to the research.

> Sectors that grew the most in the first half

In e-commerce, the categories that grew the most were:

> 1. office and IT

> 2. furniture and technology

> 3. clothes

> 4. pharmacy and perfumery

Income in 2022

> Online sales should enable revenue of R$ 169.5 billion this year, according to the projection made by ABComm.


> Credit cards are the leading method of online payment with 82.6%.

> Image : 9.7%

> Boletus and others: 7.7%

Source: AT Research.

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