Industry discusses e-commerce challenges at unprecedented Mercopar 2022 event.

The largest annual meeting of the sector in Latin America, Fórum Indústria Digital gets a customized version and for the first time leaves São Paulo to debut in Caxias do Sul

Doing business in the digital environment continues to be a challenge for the Brazilian industrial sector, which is beginning to discover business opportunities in e-commerce. Anchored by the B2B strategy, this trend is getting stronger in the country. According to analytics firm Boa Vista, online sales already represent more than 40% of the revenue of 10% of industries.

In order to better understand these and other trends, in an unprecedented way, Caxias do Sul will receive a customized version of the Digital Industry Forum, which is implemented by E-Commerce Brasil – the largest national project to encourage the development of e-commerce, through education. This pocket version of the event will be held as part of Mercopar 2022, in partnership with Sebrae RS.

On October 20, names such as Lucas Azevedo, market manager at Juntos Somos Mais (the largest network of relations in the civil engineering market, a partnership between the companies Tigre, Gerdau and Votorantim), Rafael Teixeira Noal (sales and e-commerce) manager da Weg) and Carol Moreno (e-commerce specialist at Adobe) arrive at Feira da Uva Fair and Events Center to bring the industry closer to the online market and share strategies, cases, solutions, opportunities and discuss new paths for the industry in the digital environment. The event takes place at Espaço Inspiração, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

According to Tiago Baeta, founder of E-Commerce Brasil, Sebrae RS’s invitation is the “perfect marriage” to bring this debate to the right audience. “We created a customized version for Mercopar, because we think it is extremely important to democratize access to the necessary technical knowledge, so that the digital transformation, with e-commerce as a starting point, takes place excellently,” he says.

E-commerce is gaining trust and advantage

The state coordinator for e-commerce in Sebrae RS, Daniele Guimarães, says that online shopping, which was already at a great pace, intensified even more during the pandemic period, due to the restrictions. Brazilian e-commerce grew 26.9% compared to 2020 and broke records in 2021, according to a study by Neotrust, the company responsible for tracking 85% of e-commerce in the country. “The growth of the sector and trust in digital is now reflected in people’s behavior and their business environment. Therefore, the convenience of online shopping increases the visibility of B2B and B2C e-commerce, motivating corporations to expand their view of this channel,” says Daniele.

In a recent independent survey of B2B buyer trends, Sapio Research surveyed more than 1,200 B2B companies worldwide about their current buying preferences. The study found that e-commerce is the most popular medium among B2B buyers, with 50% of companies surveyed regularly using e-commerce platforms to place orders (up from 28% in 2019). This puts e-commerce ahead of e-mail (45%), phone calls (36%) and sales representatives (29%).

According to Daniele, the main challenge for the industry, which is still a very traditional sector, is to build a digital presence that is not competitive with other outlets. “Adherence to B2B e-commerce needs to be strategically thought out to avoid conflict and begin to harmonize with the company’s traditional channels. But the effectiveness in spreading capillarity is undeniable, allowing new money to enter the corporation,” he emphasizes.

The Bento Gonçalves industry is recording an increase in income on the Internet

The furniture manufacturer Movelbras from Bento Gonçalves is an example of an industry that has bet on e-commerce and has been increasing revenues ever since. In 2020, after 25 years of activity, partners Marcelo Anceski and Simone Anceski decided to go digital and market their products (children’s furniture inspired by the Montessori method and children’s furniture) directly to the consumer through two channels: the e-commerce platform within the website and the company’s marketplace . In B2B, they work with direct sales and cross-docking (a distribution system through which the product purchased by the customer is shipped to a distribution center or facility (warehouse), from where the goods are shipped to the final consumer). Today, online sales already represent 8% of the company’s total revenue.

Simone recalls that at the beginning the challenges were enormous, from understanding digital tools, sales strategies, metrics, consumer behavior, social media management, SEO, LGPD and logistics. But according to her, the results overcame the difficulties. “We have gained positioning and brand recognition and everything we have learned from this universe of digital sales has opened up many opportunities for us,” he says. She emphasizes the importance of the consulting company Sebrae RS in the digital path of Movelbras. “The learning gains we have had are immeasurable,” he emphasizes.

Mercopar 2022

Promoted by Sebrae RS and Fiergs, the largest industry and innovation fair in Latin America will take place from October 18 to 21, at the Festa da Uva Fair and Events Center, in Caxias do Sul. The 31st edition of Mercopar continues the four-day program and consolidates its expansion by including 60% more space compared to the space occupied the previous year. The multi-sector event will have a total of 32 thousand square meters for exhibitors and visitors focused on job creation and content promotion in segments such as metal mechanics, information technology, energy and environment, rubber, industrial automation, plastics, electronics, motion and storage. Sponsors of the fair are Sicredi Pioneira, Empresas Randon, Instituto Hélice, Portos RS and SIMECS. In 2021, it gathered 346 exhibitors and generated 242 million BRL in business, which is a growth of 75% compared to 2020.

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