FGTS Birthday Scam: Find out what it is and how to prevent it

Social media users say they are suffering blows due to the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS), a modality offered by Caixa. Similar incidents have already occurred with extraordinary robbery. This type of fraud follows the same recipe: a criminal, with a name and CPF number, registers on Caixa with a different phone number and email, creates a new account and manages to withdraw or make loans.

Fraud is usually only identified when a person, who has not yet registered with Caixa, tries to access one of the applications offered by the bank and realizes that the CPF number is linked to an unknown email.

In this case, the bank advises you to submit a dispute request at one of the branches, carrying your CPF and photo ID.

It is also necessary to be careful with calls in which the scammer claims to be a Caixa employee, and offers options related to the payment of FGTS birthdays. To complete the alleged transaction, the person’s data is requested, which will be used to enter the account and move the available amounts.

The bank also emphasizes that workers have access to the FGTS application, telephone 4004-0104 (capital cities and metropolitan regions) and 0800-104-0104 (other regions), except for branches.

Check out Caixa’s recommendations on what to do in any fraud case:

Situations with suspected robbery

When there was a withdrawal, which the worker did not acknowledge, the deadline for completing the calculation analysis is up to 60 calendar days, counting from the date of formalization of the request registration, due to the need to obtain information also from the financial institution to which the funds were transferred.

If the complaint is valid, the amounts are returned to the FGTS account and the registration information is updated based on the information provided by the worker, after appropriate verification, with the cancellation of the birthday payment option.

Situations involving modality change

A request to verify evidence of fraud in connection with the FGTS birthday payment can be formalized by an employee, in any Caixa unit, the owner of the linked account or a legal representative.

If the withdrawal has not yet been carried out, Caixa returns the withdrawal option to the worker and sends the request to investigate the fraud. The deadline for completing the calculation analysis is up to 15 working days, counting from the day of formalization of the request registration.

Situations in which there is anticipation of withdrawal

After the analysis of the investigation carried out by Caixa, if it is determined that there is evidence of fraud in the use of the withdrawal anniversary as a guarantee in the credit operation, the bank cancels the contracted guarantee, including the transfers programmed to the financial institution related to the irregular operation and proceeds with the release of the locked values. Completing the membership challenge form is necessary to establish evidence of fraud.

In a statement, Caixa reported that it “continuously improves the security criteria for accessing its applications and financial transactions, respecting the best market practices and the necessary developments when observing the way fraudsters and fraudsters work”.

The form is necessary for the formalization of the above-mentioned contestation of consent to the anniversary withdrawal or even a possible withdrawal, in addition to containing the necessary data for the analysis of evidence of fraud, with the notification of the police authorities when applicable.

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Check out how to prevent scams, according to Caixa

  • Use only official channels of the bank to search for information and access services, never revealing personal data, username and password;
  • Caixa emphasizes that it does not call or send an e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp asking to update registration information. If the customer receives such messages on behalf of the Cashier, he must not reply. Complaints can be submitted by sending a message to abuse@caixa.gov.br.;

  • Passwords and cards are personal and non-transferable. It is therefore recommended that bank passwords are not accessible on mobile phones or computers;

  • Clients should not accept help from strangers, even within agencies. If they need assistance, they should always seek a properly identified Caixa employee.

What is a birthday booty?

Withdrawal of FGTS birthday, established by Law 13.932/19, allows the worker to withdraw part of the balance of his FGTS account in the month of his birthday. If the worker is fired, he will only be able to withdraw the amount related to the termination penalty, not the full amount from the account.

Compliance is optional, and those who do not opt ​​for the modality remain in the standard withdrawal-termination system, in which the worker, when dismissed without just cause, is entitled to a full withdrawal from the FGTS account, including a termination fine, when due. This is the standard modality in which the worker enters FGTS.

In addition, those who opt for the FGTS birthday payment can arrange a loan from qualified financial institutions, using the amount as collateral.

How to apply for a birthday payment?

Anyone who wants to join the modality can apply through the FGTS application, the FGTS website or Caixin’s internet banking.

Membership can be concluded from the first day of the jubilee month, and is available for three months. Currently, the withdrawal is released for those born in July, August and September.

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