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Brazilians are currently dreaming of a good placement on the labor market. There are professions where it is easier to get a good salary and prevent unemployment.

We will give you advice on vacancies where you can grow within the company. Since they are stable professions. Check out the list and see which one is best for you.


For those who do not like routine and prefer to escape from the office desk, do not want to share their work environment, prefer to do their activities alone, the best advice is to become a driver.

A person who has a National Driver’s License (CNH) category B can work as a driver or delivery person. Those who have CNH categories C, D or E can work as truck, bus and trailer drivers. Many companies do not require experience for this role.


It is very difficult for you to find an unemployed doctor. Today, it is one of the most sought-after professions. Not to mention that it offers great salaries.

A doctor can work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, industries, health centers, nursing homes and even public bodies (such as INSS, for example), they employ doctors from a wide variety of specialties.

Whoever is not a doctor, but wants to practice the profession, should study hard and invest in this profession.

IT technician

An IT technician is one of the most sought after today, mainly because the market lacks this specialist.

A computer technician (IT) is an expert who is able to configure computer systems, install equipment, and troubleshoot computer programming problems. May work in branch facilities or provide care independently.

real estate agent

If you have an affinity for the real estate profession, you can have great opportunities in the job market. It is enough to have the ability to negotiate, to be communicative in a clear and convincing way. It is possible to have a profitable career because the commission value is usually generous.

logistics technician

A logistics technician will soon get a position because the job market for this sector is very heated in 2022. A logistics technician can be responsible for:

  • control storage
  • Manage and control inventory
  • Manage the purchase of raw materials and/or supplies
  • Manage the distribution of products or raw materials between different factories, stores or retail centers
  • Manage the delivery and transportation of company products
  • Internal movement planning.
  • Within the company, the areas that this expert occupies are:
  • Stock
  • Planning, reception and production control
  • Planning, receipt and control of purchases.


It is one of the professions in which it is easiest to get a job. A person who completes this field will be able to work in hospitals and clinics. In these settings, nurses work in emergency units, perform screenings, and work alongside the medical team following their guidelines.

See where a nurse can work:

Help in the house: He takes care of patients in his own home, people who have been discharged from hospitals and still need special care during treatment. He also cares for the elderly or chronically ill and in periods when they are not ill.

Rescue medical care: It works together with rescue teams, providing first aid to victims of accidents or accidents.

Work of a nurse: It operates within organizations that provide outpatient care to company employees. It also develops preventive health programs and advises employees on providing first aid.

Teaching: He works as a professor at technical courses and faculties. He holds lectures and courses in health care and first aid.

Clinical research: It conducts research on new drugs, studies epidemics and works on the development of new drugs.


The sales area is for those who really enjoy the profession. Most of the time, it will be easy to find a sales position, because almost every business needs good sales people.

A salesperson being hired does not have to prove higher education or experience, in most cases. As we have already said, it is necessary to love the profession, to have commitment, dedication, persistence and patience.

We hope that one of these occupations is in line with your expectations and can get you back on the job market.

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