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Friday, September 9, 2022

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An abandoned cart in e-commerce is like being in front of the goal and the ball hits the post.

The trend is that indexes such as length of stay on product pages, number of visits and views have higher numbers compared to conversion, which refers to the case when a customer fails to make a purchase.

But the seller can calm down, it is possible to improve this goal, achieve a goal and celebrate the increase in income.

This is almost a phenomenon faced by entrepreneurs in online stores, because it is very common. What cannot happen is to adapt, to think that this is so.

This is indeed something common, but there are strategies to improve your performance and increase sales in the store, as shown by the data and experiences of the big players.

78% of consumers have the habit of abandoning their carts in Brazilian e-commerce, according to a study by Opinion Box, a company focused on developing data-driven solutions. The good news is that 74% returned to the site and took what was in their cart.

That is, it is common for the customer to abandon the purchase at the first moment, but nothing is lost. If the seller uses cart recovery strategies, the chances of a turnaround increase.

Now, let’s see what those assertive tactics are for merchants to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Cart abandonment and pop-ups: does it make a difference?

Pop-ups and their difference in cart abandonment

What does the buyer lose if he doesn’t buy at that moment? Pop-ups, that warning or image that can pop up while someone is browsing a website, are widely used by platforms that want to capture information from their visitors, such as email, in order to offer them some benefit in return.

It is not necessary for a potential customer to buy something immediately, but it can also be used to participate in, for example, a newsletter and receive rich material.

There are also those pop-ups that appear when a customer has put a product in the cart, but closes the page and is faced with a notification that reinforces something about the product, or that they will get some free gift or discount if they continue to buy.

Pop-ups can be activated by clicks, when entering or exiting the page, according to time and also when the visitor scrolls on the page.

A salesperson must emphasize persuasive messages, and using copywriting techniques, for example, is a practice that will improve their performance. Highlight messages like:

  • Few units, huh?
  • Will you miss this discount?
  • Hey, don’t forget to claim your free gift!

You need to make sure that you put the actual data in the popup window. If the stock is not low and the product is not on sale, come up with a text that will make the customer think about leaving the page without closing the purchase.

Example of access:

“Are you sure you’re going to run out? Make your life easier with product X.”

Or it is also worth adjusting the advantages that the product has, if there is no exclusive purchase convenience for that moment.

However, when creating pop-ups, the manager must make sure that this feature does not irritate the customer and know the exact time to use them through attractive CTAs (call to action).


Just because a customer left the website without making a purchase does not mean that the store should not be in contact with them. A remarketing strategy, which consists of showing ads to those who have gone through e-commerce, is an action that can help with cart recovery.

It is possible that this advertising will only affect those who have placed the products in the bag. And, also, highlight products that the consumer has already researched. These possibilities lead to high customization of ad copy (text) and creative (design), which causes a lot of public attention.

It is also possible to send e-mails if the e-commerce store has customer data. This is something that tends to work a lot, as according to Business Insider, the open rate of these messages is 40%.

Clicks are about 20%. High statistics show how email remarketing can help increase revenue for someone who has already considered making a purchase from your site.

Make shopping cart recovery easier

The store sent an email encouraging them to complete the purchase on the website, the customer clicked, however, they have to start the whole process again. It seems like a detail, but with each click, the consumer is further away from paying.

Therefore, it is essential that the site has technology that saves the user’s data in order to complete the desired action with as little effort as possible.

Steve Krug’s classic book Don’t Make Me Think strongly emphasizes the need to be as intuitive as possible.

In other words, the simpler and easier it is for the customer, the higher the chances of conversion.

Offer free shipping

According to the Opinion Box survey mentioned above, large shipping is the number one reason for cart abandonment. 66% abandon online shopping when faced with a higher than expected delivery rate.

Therefore, the alternative is to offer the visitor free shipping, however, we know that this cost will come out of the entrepreneur’s pocket, and it is necessary to conduct an analysis to ensure that this will not harm your billing. In that case, it’s worth giving free shipping over a certain purchase amount, which also helps increase your average fare.


Yes, doing calculations for a good profit margin is necessary, but at the same time, an e-commerce entrepreneur must think about competitive pricing.

At this point, several factors, even before the product goes on sale, can affect the final price. In this way, if the entrepreneur has articles of his own production, it is necessary to think about the suppliers of inputs, the value of work, etc.

If it is about products that are resold, you should be even more careful, because there is a tendency for many sellers to make the same product available.

It is important to think about the price, because 35% of visitors abandon their purchase after finding the same item at a lower price on competing sites, according to OpinionBox data.

There are ways in which an entrepreneur can reduce his operating costs so that he can pass on a lower value to his consumer. For example, the use of automation tools helps you in this.

Discount coupons are super attractive and generate more sales.

Discount coupons

The aforementioned coupon is a very common practice in e-commerce. Just look at how Shopee got a place in the market as a marketplace that offers several coupons to its users.

Many people put products in the shopping cart and analyze whether it is worth it. The tendency is for them to search on competitor sites and wait for the products to be on sale before finally completing the purchase.

An assertive practice of using coupons in pop-ups, on social media or through loyalty strategies will make your business more successful.

The effectiveness of the recovery cart discount coupon is 70%. According to the Opinion Box Consumer Panel, seven out of ten consumers say they are likely to make a purchase after receiving this incentive.

multi-channel strategy

The trend is that more and more companies are becoming omnichannel, that is, all their channels – both physical stores and online – are aligned.

There are consumers who have the habit of searching online and buying in physical stores. This is the reason why 55% of customers abandon the cart. This is not necessarily bad, as long as the entrepreneur also deals with traditional trade.

Maximizing face-to-face service, maintaining the same standard on the website and offering in-store collection with benefits enhance the customer relationship. In the latter case, it is still possible to resolve the shipping complaint while the store manages to work on other points of the customer experience at the point of sale.

Otherwise, if the seller does not have a physical store, the advice is to make online shopping more attractive than any competitor who has a physical store. This can be done by fast shipping, offering free products, unboxing, etc.

Being omnichannel helps your consumer complete the purchase.

Improve titles and descriptions

Good copy can help you increase your e-commerce conversion rate. A catchy title greatly increases the chances that the consumer will be interested in the products.

In an environment with a lot of competition and similar products, such as markets, the difference is even greater, because it is the excellence in each point that will make the customer choose a particular store among many.

Using copywriting, a technique for creative and persuasive marketing and sales texts, can lead a customer to favor a particular seller. In addition to harnessing the power of text in headlines and descriptions, the technique is useful in pop-ups, emails, social media ads, and Google.

social proof

A good lead copy can lead to a customer. But more powerful than the text developed by the team is the social proof. In them, it is possible to prove with the consumer’s opinion or data that it is worth buying the product from the respective online store.

After all, it is the person who uses it, not the salesperson, who speaks, which creates greater authenticity. Among the social proofs are:


They can come spontaneously through social networks and comment spaces of e-commerce and marketplaces. We recommend that sellers encourage customers to share their thoughts on the product.

The more referrals, the more trust clients will have. In your own online stores, it is recommended to highlight the best testimonials in strategic places, such as the home page, product pages and more.

Data and cases

What benefits do customers get from online store products? Are there statistics that guide the effectiveness of the subject? Surveys and quality tests, especially by recognized entities, are also excellent as social proof. If the store appears in the article in a large vehicle, for example, it will show authority to the brand.

Using storytelling as social proof also encourages empathy in customers, who can relate and want to buy a product that solves their pain.

Is it possible to eliminate cart abandonment?

It is certainly not possible to conclude all sales and there will always be someone who puts products in the basket and does not complete the purchase. However, the entrepreneur must keep in mind that strategies, such as those presented throughout the article, help in the process of reducing this index.

In addition to strategies, it is important to analyze your site and see what you can improve. Maybe the waiting time is long, maybe the site is not responsive enough, among other reasons.

Therefore, constant analysis of the effectiveness of various actions is essential for the development and success of the business.

Customer feedback is also important. Therefore, effective after-sales service will give you better insight into reducing possible cart abandonment.

It’s the opposite of leaving money on the table, which keeps sellers away from e-commerce success.

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