Queen Elizabeth II of the 20th century died

The world lost one of the most prominent figures of the last century yesterday. Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the United Kingdom and countries such as Canada, Australia and Jamaica for 70 years, has died in Scotland at the age of 96 – the longest reign in the history of those countries. Although the coronation has not yet been scheduled, her eldest son is already King Charles III, who at the age of 73 becomes the oldest person to sit on the British throne. Around noon, English time, it was unexpectedly announced that the Queen’s health was a cause for concern. Her children and grandchildren traveled to Scotland’s Balmoral Palace, where she spent the summer, and confirmation of her death came in late afternoon. “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” read a laconic official statement. (Guard)

at birth, On April 21, 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra May Windsor was not destined for the throne of the then British Empire. Her father, Duke Albert of York, was the second son of King George V. Her ambition, she would say at the age of six, was “to be a country woman, with lots of dogs and horses”. Everything changed in 1936, when his uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. “Lilibeth” was now King George VI’s daughter, first in the line of succession. From that moment on, his life was dictated by duty. In World War II, she volunteered for civil service as a mechanic and driver. Her only act of rebellion was her determination to marry her cousin, Prince Philip of Greece, with whom she had been in love since she was a teenager – the two married in 1947, and a year later the current King Charles III was born. In January 1952, during a trip to Kenya, the 25-year-old princess revealed that she was queen after her father’s death, a victim of lung cancer. His coronation, in June of the following year, was broadcast live on TV, due to the protests of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. She did not inherit the Empire, but a community of nations, the Commonwealth, whose ties she nurtured all her life. No head of state has traveled so much, and his visits to other countries became rare only when he turned 80. What seemed like a perfect life fell apart in 1992. The marriages of her three eldest children – Charles, Anne and Andrew – failed, and her beloved home, Windsor Castle, caught fire. it was yours annus horribilis. But the most critical point of his reign came in August 1997, when Diana, Charles’ ex-wife and beloved by the populace, died in a car accident with her boyfriend. To the people, the royal family reacted coldly, and it took the intervention of Prime Minister Tony Blair to get the Queen to speak. It gradually regained its popularity, and people actively participated in jubilee and royal weddings. Philip’s death in 2021 was his last major shock. See striking pictures from his life and reign. (BBC)

Leaders from all over the world expressed their grief. “In an ever-changing world, she has been a constant presence and a source of comfort and pride for generations of Britons,” US President Joe Biden wrote. Liz Truss, who was just sworn in as prime minister, said the country was devastated by the news. “She was the very spirit of Britain and that spirit will remain,” said the Prime Minister. (Reuters)

Government The Brazilian declared three days of mourning. On Twitter, President Jair Bolsonaro called Elizabeth II “extraordinary and unique.” (Power 360)

Queen she was in Brazil with her husband in 1968, during the military dictatorship. He inaugurated the MASP, laid the foundation stone of the Rio-Niterói bridge and, at a meeting of the royal family, presented Pelé with the cup at the Maracana. (Sheet)

topic of documentaries, films and series, few rulers, especially in real life, have been shown as much as Elizabeth II. She even appeared with James Bond. (Estadão)

Congress Nacional celebrated 200 years of independence yesterday at a ceremony led by Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) and in the presence of Federal Supreme Court President Luiz Fux and Council Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The invited President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) canceled his participation without giving a reason. A day earlier, the leaders of the other powers did not attend the parade/rally that he promoted at the Esplanade dos Ministérios. In his speech, Pacheco cited as “acts of Congress” several achievements claimed by Bolsonaro. “People even know that the Senate and the House of Representatives increased Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600. The Senate and the House of Representatives mobilized around vaccination in Brazil,” he said. (Enough)

in one of In the most graphic images of the September 7 events in Rio, young black men on a bus booed and exchanged insults with motorcycle riders in support of Bolsonaro. Yesterday, a video was released to the public, recorded ten minutes later, in which the police officers of the Shock Battalion stop the bus, take only the young men out of the vehicle and search them and their backpacks. The PM’s command did not explain the reason for the approach and why only the guys who were booing the motorcycle were searched. (UOL)

days for download of the presidency of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Rosa Weber gave an overview of what her relationship will be with the state prosecutor of the Republic, August Aras. It decided that the Supreme Summit must monitor the progress of the request that the PGR investigate the suspicions without evidence against the electronic voting machines that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) presented to foreign ambassadors. The minister also ordered the prosecutor to close the “preliminary investigation” opened in connection with the case. Conducted in the absence of the STF, this type of investigation has been widely used by Aras in actions against government bodies and has already been criticized by Supreme Court ministers. (g1)

checked for next Monday, the inauguration of Rosa Weber will have one novelty. Along with the Presidents of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the House, Arthur Liro (PP-AL), and the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), and the usual authorities, she invited all the candidates for the presidential elections in October. The inauguration should bring together 1,500 of them, of which 350 will follow the plenary session, and the rest on screens in other rooms. (UOL)

children former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was questioned by PDT candidate Ciro Gomes in court to explain the accusations he made in the program Panic, says Monica Bergamo. During the interview, the former minister stated that “Lula had a son of a thief”, without providing evidence or specifying who he was referring to. If he does not withdraw, Ciro may be prosecuted. (Sheet)

By the way. For the PT command, Andreia Sadi says, Ciro is playing Bolsonaro’s game, with increasingly strong attacks on Lula. The strategy of sparing a former ally targeting an alliance in the second round is usually discarded, with a campaign for a useful vote as early as the first round. (g1)

In a week bicentennial of independence, Saturday’s edition tackles a question as old as the nation itself: who are the Brazilian people? During these 200 years, intellectuals from different fields tried to give Brazil a national identity — despite denying along the way some of the historical characteristics of the foundation of this nation. But in 2022, we look more divided and fragmented than ever before. What do we as countrymen have in common that makes us a people? And what can lead us to meet each other again? And, taking advantage of the end of Rock In Rio 2022, let’s dive into the personal memories of those who lived through the first festival, way back in 1985. Enough for premium subscribers, who also receive Political environment, on Wednesdays, and the daily edition earlier. Sign it!

Operation London Bridge

Tony de Marco

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It was necessary just one week into this month to surpass the amount of fires in the Amazon recorded in the entire month of September last year. By this Wednesday, the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) had counted 18,374 fire outbreaks compared to 16,742 in the 30 days of September 2021. Last month was already the worst August for the Amazon in 12 years. (g1)

could. As of Monday, Ibama had implemented only 37% of its approved budget for forest fire prevention and control for the year, according to a Climate Observatory survey with data from the Federal Budget Committee. For experts at the observatory, “Ibama should have acted strongly before the dry season to avoid what is happening in the Amazon.” (g1)

Report published this Thursday by the UN shows that Brazil has fallen three places in the Human Development Index (HDI). The country was ranked 84th in the last list and now appears in 87th place among 191 countries analyzed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). HDI consists of life expectancy at birth, education and income. Brazil lags behind 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Cuba. (Sheet)

It is displayed at 180 countries (in Brazil it can be seen on TV Cultura and Discovery Kids), a British children’s animated series Peppa pig broke the barrier by airing an episode last Tuesday with a same-sex family. Called families, the episode features polar bear cub Penny saying, “I live with my mom and my other mom. Mother is a doctor, and mother cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti.” The bear family was created after a petition, launched in the USA in 2019, with almost 24,000 signatures, which calls for the inclusion of non-conventional families, so that children from these homes do not feel alienated. Peppa pig It has been broadcast since 2004 and is intended for children aged 2 to 5 years. (UOL)

One of the most One of the most important art fairs in the world, the Armory Show, opens today in New York with a novelty that could shake up that market, a device called Danvas that enables the display of digital art, especially the ubiquitous NFTs. pictures on the walls. It is a square screen with 1.2 m per side and very high resolution. “We think digital art is just as beautiful and dignified as any other, and we want the traditional art world to understand that,” said Jeanne Anderson, co-founder of the company, which also goes by the name Danvas. The novelty should open more doors for digital art, but it won’t necessarily make it popular, since the little device only costs $34,500 (R$180,000). (Fast Company)

after the conference presentation of new Apple smartphones, the announcement of the youngest daughter of the company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, attracted the attention of the Internet. Eve Jobs (24), Jobs’ daughter with business woman Laurence Powell, published a meme comparing the similarities between the new iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13. She was not the only one who joked about the changes announced in the new mobile phone. Samsung also dropped some criticism on its Twitter profile, but without mentioning the rival. (TecMundo)

platform E-commerce store Shopee will cease operations in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. Brazil is not affected by the cut. Sea, the company that controls Shopee, has informed that there will still be international services in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. However, the service in Argentina has been completely discontinued. The president of the Asian company, Chris Feng, explained that it is necessary to “focus resources on core operations”. The decision comes after Shopee suspended hiring and reported losses and sluggish revenue growth, fueling rumors of a financial crisis. (Yahoo)

Enough in the video. Do you know Matter, the standard created by Apple to unify all solutions for the smart home of your dreams? Now you can combine your Alexa peripherals with Google Assistant and even Samsung! Want to know more? Pedro Doria and Cora Rónai explain. (YouTube)

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