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In recent months, the “Brazilian Aviation Industry” has been awarded by the Federal Government, “with three notices of economic subsidies.” The first public notice was published in June, in the amount of R$ 220 million and focused on proposals related to the “High Resolution Earth Observation Small Satellite” project;

The second was presented in July, with resources of around R$ 140 million, to finance “Demonstration Platforms for New Aviation Technologies”;

A third public notice was published last August, predicting an investment of R$190 million for the development of a “Small Earth Orbit Launch Vehicle, Nano and/or Microsatellite”.

In total, the three public notices amount to R$550 million. These resources, according to the directors of AIAB – the Association of the Aviation Industry of Brazil, “will strengthen the aviation industry, providing the appropriate conditions for the development of new technologies of national interest”.

Professional Master of Aviation Engineering

Still on the topic of “aeronautics”, EMBRAER has extended until next Sunday, September 11, the application deadline “in the selection process of the “Professional Master’s” program in aeronautical engineering, which is carried out in partnership with the ITA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronautics “.

The number of vacancies has also increased. Now there are 80 free places, before there were 40.

Known as PEE – EMBRAER Specialization Program in Engineering, the program is intended for newly graduated engineers, lasts 18 months, and its teaching schedule includes the current challenges of the aviation and space sector, such as “Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Project Prototyping”, between other disciplines related to the sector.

“To participate, applicants must have completed their engineering education in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and live in Brazil.”

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“Instagram” punished

As has been speculated and expected for several months now, in the technology segment, worldwide, the DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) of the Republic of Ireland – (which generally corresponds to our ANPD – National Data Protection Authority) – “imposed a Billion Dollar Penalty social network Instagram for manipulating the data of children and adolescents, aged 13 to 17, enabling the publication/disclosure of personal data, such as e-mail and phone number, of these users”.

The value of the fine exceeds 2 billion reais. The legal department of the US company Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Instagram, reported that it was studying an “appeal against the penalty”, which it considered unfair and excessive, disagreeing with the methodology used to calculate the amount.

“Instagram” punished (II)

The directors of Meta Platforms also reported that since last year they have “updated Instagram settings, and developed and implemented new technological resources on the platform, to keep teenagers and their data safe.

The punishment, according to the DPC, is the result of an investigation, started in 2020, which came to the conclusion that children (residents of several European countries) did not properly protect their personal data on the social network.

It is worth clarifying that the Republic of Ireland is part of the European Union and is responsible, through the DPC, for the “regulation of business in the European market” of several multinational technology companies (among them, Instagram, Facebook, Apple and Google itself), which operate in Europe and they are based (mostly) in the city of Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

It’s also worth remembering that this isn’t the first billion-dollar fine imposed on a tech company in Europe. Last year, WhatsApp was fined around BRL 1.2 billion “for non-compliance with European Union rules on the protection of personal data”, in a process that began in 2018.

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