How to increase performance on Vtex?

The digital world consolidated even more during the pandemic, bringing innovation once and for all.

Stores increasingly need online portals where customers can shop without leaving home, which is why companies are finding new ways to communicate with them.

The rise of e-commerce brought with it the need to develop new strategies, new mechanisms and new relationships with customers.

But perhaps the most important factor is to understand how information transfer works in the virtual world, according to the algorithms of each platform we use regularly.


The VETX IO platform is extremely flexible, efficient and versatile, and offers its users a number of features.

Of course, this array of options and features is often great for SEO, providing powerful website optimization for marketers who don’t always specialize in this area.

VTEX IO is actually a low-code platform, meaning very little programming is required to use it.

This is exactly the reason why this tool is so useful for marketers who most of the time are not skilled in programming but have a great need for their own site.

Despite all these features, this alone is not enough to make a good website, you need to familiarize yourself with it and understand what you intend to do to make a good project.

Otherwise, users won’t know which optimizations are most needed to provide users with a more useful experience.

How to improve SEO performance in VTEX IO

In the world of e-commerce, good tracking on search pages means big gains in visibility, sales and profits.

That being said, check out some tips to improve VTEX IO’s SEO performance:

Organize your website information well

This field of research into how to distribute and organize this content is called information architecture, often abbreviated AI.

It studies the best way to structure a website to ensure a smooth, pleasant and functional experience for users.

Organization has played a key role in keeping us from those dreaded moments when we just can’t find anything we’re looking for on the site and just don’t know where to look.

We can think of it as the virtual equivalent of organizing shops and markets, and even entering them for the first time we can find most of what we are looking for.

This is due to the clear separation of sections and categories to keep the most relevant products together.

This is also necessary in the virtual world and this organization can have a big impact on the user experience.

An interesting tip is to consider the family/department/category/subcategory structure, which can serve as a basis for modeling the organization of your platform.

Use friendly URLs

This topic may not seem that relevant, but the truth is that a friendlier URL makes a big difference. First, let’s define what we mean when we say a URL is friendly or not.

A friendly URL is one where all information can be easily read and understood, unlike URLs that have numbers or codes that end up cluttering and complicating understanding.

In this case, the first URL gives more credibility than helping the customer understand what they will find there. Unlike other types, potential customers are often skeptical of websites and feel uneasy about the lack of transparency.

Fortunately, VTEX IO helps us optimize our website by automatically generating friendly URLs based on the information we entered in the previous topic.

The only exception is product URLs, which must be generated manually.

How to generate a friendly URL for a product

To generate a URL, you must first go to the Catalog and click on Registration Fields in the Product SKU section. After that, just fill in some information related to registration and enter the URL in the text link field. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Do not use special characters;
  • The platform will not use letters with accents;
  • No more than 50 characters;
  • Replace spaces with dashes.

Once you’ve done this, you can create a more user-friendly URL, which will make your site more attractive and provide more credibility.

Content quality

Of course, creating good content is what we want to do and it usually pays well. However, in the case of Google, good content that more accurately matches the search intent and is highly reliable gets special importance in its ranking, and of course there are some references.

Things like keyword research and selection, focusing on user experience and image SEO will give you more prominence in the system. In addition, the e-commerce receives videos and comparison tables, giving very interesting search results.

Regardless, SEO and VTEX IO are key to a good e-commerce ranking on Google search.

In addition, many of the items that improve rankings also make your site more attractive to users, keeping them as potential customers in more cases.

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