Ceuma University publishes public notices for selection procedures for admission to the study of medicine

Academics of the medical course at Ceuma University.

Academics of the medical course at Ceuma University. (Photo: Publicity / Ceuma)

SÃO LUÍS – Ceuma University has published notices for the course Selective Processes of Medicine, Traditional modality and admission by Enem Note, for Renascença, in the São Luís and Imperatriz campuses. Each public advertisement has certain rules and deadlines for candidates.

For the traditional entrance exam to study medicine at the Renascença campus in São Luís, applications begin on September 15th and remain open until October 26th. In this selection process, Ceuma University offers 69 vacancies, in the face-to-face modality, for the first half of 2023.

Applications for the traditional medicine selection procedure for São Luís can be made online, on the website www.ceuma.br. Applications will only be accepted after payment of a fee of R$600.

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As for the Imperatriz campus, in the state of Tocantins, applications for the entrance exam for medicine begin on September 13 and last until November 18, and will be done exclusively online.

A total of 40 vacancies were offered, in a face-to-face modality, on a full-time basis, for the first half of 2023.

The Medical Course at Campus Imperatriz is located in the premises of the University of Ceuma, located on Rua Barão do Rio Branco, Qd. 12, no. 100, Maranhão Novo district.

Applications will be completed and confirmed only after the candidate pays the registration fee in the amount of R$ 600, no later than November 18.

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Enemy degree

For candidates who wish to enroll in a medical course at Ceuma University, Renascença campuses, through the results of the National Secondary School Examination (Enem), registration can be made from September 13 to November 18.

The selection process through the Enem assessment will be the responsibility of the Commission for Access to Higher Education (Caes) of Ceuma University, appointed by Regulation no. 553/2022 of March 8, 2022.

For this modality, 10 vacancies are offered, in person, full time. Vacancies are for the first semester of 2023.

Applications can be made online, via the Ceuma website, from 13

Read the entire announcement here.

As for the Imperatriz campus, registration for enrollment through the Enem class also begins on September 13 and continues until November 18, 2022.

In total, for the Imperatriz campus, 10 places are offered for enrollment through the Enem result.

As for São Luís, registrations can be made online or through the availability of computer terminals installed on the campuses of Universidade Ceuma, Campus Renascença, Campus Imperatriz and Campus Anil.

Read the entire announcement here.

Ceuma University

For more than 32 years, which will be celebrated in April 2022, Ceuma University has been investing in infrastructure, training and technology, thus building a legacy that cannot be erased: the development of education in Maranha. In this way, a greater number of people have access to quality education and greater employability, as a result of the recognized academic quality that the University offers.

Ceuma University is the first of five higher education institutions that make up the Ceuma Educational Group. Founded on April 9, 1990, the private higher education institution in Maranhao has just turned 31 years old.

In these more than three decades, VU has evolved itself, from Integrated Colleges (in the 1990s), to the University Center (2000), to reaching the maximum level of a higher education institution, which is the status of a University (2012). Achieving this level is the result of competence, teamwork and investment in the best teaching and learning strategies.

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