10 of the most unusual gaming computers

PC gaming enthusiasts love to outfit their machines with RGB lights, cable management and charming details. However, some extrapolate and create their computers in non-traditional facilities, such as toilets or cotton candy machines, for example.

In this list, Canaltech lists some of the most unusual gaming computers in the world. Oh, they all work perfectly.

10. Typewriter

A mixture of antiquity and modernity (Photo: reproduction/Trusted Reviews)

Many people have never even seen a typewriter in real life, but the equipment has already been used to build a high-end computer. The creation was made by Mark’s Fabrication and was shown during Computex Taipei 2019, one of the largest computer fairs in the world. GPU is AMD Radeon VII.

9. Arcade

This YouTuber from the Designs by IFR channel set up a computer inside an arcade machine. The process was relatively simple: after installing all the components in an ordinary wardrobe, all that was needed was to place it inside the wooden structure. The machine was perfect for playing classic games with a touch of nostalgia.

8. Within the sphere

It looks like a hamster ball, but it’s a computer. The case has a very futuristic acrylic look and is already factory-equipped with support for gesture commands and the virtual assistant Alexa.

7. Invisible PC

What if your computer is… invisible? This was the idea of ​​the channel DIY Perks, who created an entire computer inside a wooden table. Installed video card was NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. No lights, cables, or components showing. Although the appearance is nice, it had a lot to do when it came to thinking about cooling the machine.

6. WC

Have you ever thought about being able to play your game in peace without having to get up first or second? It was the idea of ​​Nick Zetta, from the channel Basically Homeless. He made a gaming toilet, including RGB lights. In order to assemble it, he had to study the basics of plumbing, as well as find a way to separate the water from the components.

5. Computer in the refrigerator

The same youtuber also set up other strange computers. One of them was a personal computer inside the mini-bar which, although it serves to store drinks and food, also serves as a cooling machine. The machine has powerful configurations, including an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

4. Cotton candy machine

The two parts are connected and work together (Photo: Reproduction / PC player)

If you’re into candy, you should check out this computer revealed by PC Gamer during Computex Taipei 2016. It’s a cotton candy cart connected to a computer. While fully functional, it doesn’t seem portable to keep one at home.

3. Toaster

You know those toasters that appear in American movies, that make slices of bread pop? So…once again Nick Zetta had an unusual idea. A YouTuber built a gaming computer inside one of these toasters. The settings ended up being pretty weak because there wasn’t that much space available, but check it out: the machine can work crisis and prepare a warm bun at the same time!

2. Medieval PC

YouTuber Nerdforge has built a computer in the format of a medieval inn. To put it together, she first made a model of the inn, full of cuts, holes and glue. After that, she decorated the model with textures and images in order to fit it little by little into the computer components. The result was impressive (and beautiful).

1. Aquarius

People from AORUS, one of the most famous brands on the market, installed a computer in the aquarium. They added a special e-liquid halfway through the aquarium, leaving all the hardware submerged, and then poured plain water to the top.

As the two liquids do not mix, the components are safe. After that, thermoelectric cooling chips were added to keep the water temperature comfortable for the fish — yes, it’s a real aquarium!

Do you remember any machines that also deserve to be remembered? Share with us via social media!

With information: Mark’s Fabrication, PC Gamer, Trusted Reviews

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