What is the most hated app in Brazil and in the world?

Everyone has a list of favorite apps, but have you ever stopped and thought about which is the most hated, the one they hate with all their might? A recent study by DotNet assessed the opinion of mobile phone users worldwide to come to this conclusion.

According to the research, there are “myriad reasons” why an app can frustrate its users. Poor interface, excessive ads, software bugs and errors, and unfulfilled promises of functionality are among the most common causes that generate negative app store reviews.

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In some cases, the frustration seems to be the result of “very efficient” use of the app. This is the case of Tinder and Bumble, for example, which were criticized for disappointment in finding partners, not for flaws in the programming of the service. Anger that should be directed at people turns against the mediating platform of a negative relationship.

Most hated apps

The most hated app in Brazil is eBay. The e-commerce site, considered one of the world’s pioneers in the sector, has been the target of many Brazilian complaints. People buy from sellers in other countries and may be disappointed by delivery delays, difficulty solving problems, or higher prices.

The most hated app in the world is Hinge, a dating app for “long-term relationships”. The survey shows a rejection rate of 34.4% of all tweets, most of which criticize the software proposal. Despite this, he does not rank as the most hated in any nation in the overall category.

The most hated application categories are:

  1. dating apps;
  2. money transfer applications;
  3. social media applications.

On average, dating apps collect 17.8% of posts with a bad slant. But the index is worse in some specific countries: Jersey, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, New Zealand and Jamaica have 1 in 5 tweets with a negative connotation.

How to find the most hated app?

The research analyzed more than 3 million geolocated tweets associated with 87 applications for social media, dating, mobile gaming, video and audio streaming, cryptocurrency wallets and payment services. The percentage of negative posts about each show was calculated using the HuggingFace Sentiment Analysis tool, which identifies whether a “tweet” has positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.

The data was collected in April 2022 and separated by country for further analysis. All users whose location was missing or unrecognizable were excluded from the search.

Mobile games were the category with the least negative reviews among those analyzed. But interestingly, Roblox was the most hated app in 21 countries, beating social networks, dating and streaming.

Hatred of apps is greater in neighboring countries

Another interesting fact is the formation of different “pockets of hatred” in certain regions of the world. In English-speaking countries, for example, Tinder wins as the most hated app. This same rule applies to countries in the Middle East, where dating services also top the most-hated list — in Iraq, 71.4% of all tweets on Tinder are negative, which is similar to Lebanon and Qatar.

South America follows the same trend as Brazil and puts e-commerce platforms at the top of criticism. Chile, Peru and Uruguay chose the Amazon app as the most hated. Here, Steam is the most hated app in the entertainment category — perhaps because people think it lets you play your library without a computer attached, which creates frustration.

On the other hand, there are programs that manage to divide users’ opinions quite a bit. Facebook Messenger has only 1.1% of negative mentions in Peru, while it accumulates 58.8% of negative tweets in Myanmar. This situation also occurs with Disney+ in Japan (1.1%) and Sweden (55.7%).

List of countries and their most hated apps

  • South Africa – Disney+
  • Germany – Reddit
  • Saudi Arabia – Facebook
  • Argentina – Bumble
  • Australia – Tinder
  • Austria – Disney+
  • Belgium – Roblox
  • Bolivia – Pinterest / Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Brazil – eBay
  • Bulgaria – Roblox
  • Canada – Tinder
  • Qatar – Tinder
  • Singapore – Disney+
  • Chile – Amazon
  • China – Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Colombia – Snapchat
  • North Korea – Roblox
  • South Korea – Reddit
  • Croatia – Reddit
  • Cuba – Linkedin
  • Denmark – Apple Music
  • Spain – Reddit
  • United States – Tinder
  • Egypt – Roblox
  • United Arab Emirates – Disney+
  • Ecuador – Tide
  • Slovakia – Roblox
  • Philippines – Roblox
  • Finland – Reddit
  • France – Roblox
  • Greece – Clash of Clans
  • Haiti – TikTok
  • The Netherlands – Reddit
  • Hungary – twitch
  • Iceland – Bumble
  • India – Netflix
  • Indonesia – Roblox
  • Iran – Netflix
  • Iraq – Tinder
  • Ireland – Tinder
  • Israel – Disney+
  • Italy – Roblox
  • Jamaica – Snapchat
  • Japan – Reddit
  • Lebanon – Tinder
  • Libya – Bumble
  • Lithuania – Roblox
  • Luxembourg – Netflix
  • Malaysia – Amazon
  • Mexico – Snapchat
  • Morocco – Tide
  • Mozambique – Tide
  • Myanmar – Spotify
  • New Zealand – Tinder
  • Nigeria – Tinder
  • Norway – Reddit
  • Paraguay – Disney+
  • Peru – Amazon
  • Poland – Reddit
  • Portugal – Roblox
  • United Kingdom – Tinder
  • Romania – Roblox
  • Russia – Disney+
  • Serbia – Reddit
  • Sweden – Disney+
  • Switzerland – Roblox
  • Thailand – Clash of Clans
  • Tunisia – Roblox
  • Turkey – Roblox
  • Ukraine – Roblox
  • Uruguay – Amazon
  • Venezuela – Raid: Shadow Legends
  • Vietnam – Roblox
  • Zambia – Snapchat
  • Zimbabwe -TikTok

Source: ElectronicsHub

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