The last action of Hard Engage presented the game market for the students of Padre João Greiner School

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Held in the last week of August, the end of the Hard Engage Academy pilot project, a joint action of startups Hard Engage, Senac Hub Academy and BDM Digital, which brought fun and knowledge about the game market to young people in public schools. In this final phase, students from the Padre João Greiner State Center for Professional Education attended the event.

The students went on a virtual tour of Senac Hub Academy and experienced a very different morning through virtual reality, remote control games and computer games. Even the supervisor of the State Center was not left out of the experience and said that she is going through a process of mental change about the field of games.

“This year I’m changing my thinking about games, I didn’t imagine the professional dimension that exists behind what we see on the screens. I participated in virtual reality, put on the glasses and thought it was fantastic, it was a little scary because it was the first time, but it was an amazing experience. It was definitely more charming for the students because the partners, in addition to leaving the school environment, promoted a very interactive morning, with modern games and very modern computers. I am sure that this action will contribute to the future of the young people who could have been here”, said Rose Paula Korlikoski, supervisor of the technical course at the Padre João Greiner State Center for Vocational Education.

Anna Jully Dias de Oliveira was delighted with the computers in Senak’s playroom. The young woman is taking a game project assistant course at school and says she enjoyed the experience of learning about other professional opportunities. “I was amazed by so much technology and innovation in one place. No matter how much training we have in school, it is completely different when we know other places. “Today, I learned a lot from professionals about the labor market, the financial market, and even from my colleagues about computer games,” he said.

For Gabriel Souza, August 31 will go down in history. “What an amazing morning! I arrived thinking we would just walk around to see the building, but it exceeded all my expectations. I saw modern computers, experienced virtual reality, played games that I’ve always wanted but never had the chance to try, it was a lot of fun,” he said.

“The gaming job market is something I’m interested in, you can create a game and make people happy. You have fun and bring fun to others,” added Gabriel when asked if he would like to work in that field.

New possibilities

In addition to addressing the gaming market, the meeting also gave students the opportunity to learn about BDM Digital, a tool that is booming worldwide and revolutionizing the way money is used. During the conversation, the students downloaded the app and started moving their wallets with the BDMs they received.

According to student Guilherme Barros de Deus, BDM revolutionized the industry and made it easier for people. “The proposal was very interesting to me, it shows us a new opportunity to think about the financial market, another possibility for use in everyday life and much safer. A very good, modern and simple application that will transform digital payment methods”.

“Meeting BDM Digital was an amazing and life-changing experience, as it’s an app that can help young people grow and thrive if they know how to use it. You have to be interested, and I will do more research, especially about investing, to put more funds in the account and see the value grow every day,” said Gabriel Souza.

Pilot project

Two state public educational institutions participated in the initiative during the month of August: Waldemir Barros da Silva, in Moreninha 1, and Padre João Greiner, in Estrela do Sul. Both teach full-time and have a professional development plan, with training focused on game projects.

BDM Digital entered into a partnership to spread knowledge and show young people that technology is the way to the future. “By implementing this action, we were able to monitor part of the educational development of young people and visualize the reality of each of them. Many have never had access to such modern computers, 3D glasses, digital technologies as BDM. Considering this, we understand that we are increasingly living in the time of innovations, but they still need to be presented to the population, especially the young people who represent the future. It is extremely important to unite companies to provide digital insertion activities. With Hard Engage Academy, we were able to show these students that there are possibilities beyond entertainment, I’m sure they left here with new thoughts,” said Larissa Kautzmann, director of BDM Digital.

For Ederson Roberto da Costa, a senior professor at the Senac Hub Academy, the pilot project was successful and managed to show young people that the labor market requires not only willingness, but also training and knowledge. “The goal was achieved, I am sure that the students had incredible experiences and ended the action with thoughts about the future, above all the professional one. Our intention was also to show that they can count on Senac to seek training in the field in which they want to continue their career, in a more relaxed and innovative way,” he said.

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