The Capixaba cachaça distribution center was robbed for the third time in 3 days

The Cachaça Princesa Isabel distribution center, located in Vitoria, was robbed for the third time in three days, on Tuesday evening (6). The owner of the company estimates that the loss could reach R$ 120 thousand. In addition to a bunch of cachaça and electronic equipment, even wires and cables were taken from the site.

On Sunday afternoon (4) and Monday evening (5), two more thefts took place in the same place. In all three situations, the police were reported by the owner of the company, who asked that his name not be revealed.

Shortly after the second robbery, on Tuesday morning (6), he posted a video on his social networks (see above) with an outburst showing the situation in which the company branch is located. In addition to the stolen equipment and products and destruction on the spot, holes were drilled in the plaster and roof.

Princess Isabel cachaça


“Resentment is great, mostly due to the feeling of powerlessness. All an entrepreneur wants is peace of mind at work and legal and property security. We work for thieves to steal”


He reports that Cachaça Princesa Isabel is headquartered in Linhares, north of the state, where all production takes place. In Vitória, on Avenida Leitão da Silva, it maintains a warehouse where a distribution center operates and sells products – cachaça, gin, rum – in Greater Vitória and Brazil.

According to the entrepreneur, all computers, printers, air conditioners, cameras, electrical installations for the entire shed, as well as cables, were taken from the scene. They also stole stacks of cachaça and gin that were stored on site.

“We calculate a loss of around R$ 100,000 to 120,000. Very high value for a family business”, the entrepreneur points out.

In the video recorded at the scene, the businessman reports that the police have conducted an investigation and that he has not returned. He explains that the police later came to the scene and that there is already an envoy who is establishing the facts.

“At first they thought it was the action of drug addicts, but there is a line of investigation into the action of a gang,” reported the entrepreneur.

Cachaça Princesa Isabel Tasting Center and Distillery in Linhares. Credit: Vitor Nogueira


Although he believes that the distribution center in Vitória facilitates business, mainly in the commercialization of products in Greater Vitória and shipping to other countries, the entrepreneur is evaluating whether to keep it.

“It is difficult for the carrier to go to the interior of Linhares, it is easier to get the material in Vitoria. However, we will check whether the cost of contracting property insurance will be profitable or whether it is better to close the distribution center”, he reported.

A company has already been hired to insure the property’s assets. “We will try to organize the office next Friday (9). It will be necessary to buy everything again, I am installing a security system and we will analyze whether or not we will maintain the operation in Vitoria”, he reports.

Princess Iisabel cachaça
Princess Isabel Cachaça. Credit: disclosure


The Princesa Isabel Amburana label won gold and the Princesa Isabel Ouro label won the highest award, Grand Gold. The award added to the list of achievements of the alembic, which has already received other national and international titles, in São Paulo, Germany and England.

Last August, Princess Isabel also started selling another drink produced at the Fazenda Tupã distillery, in Linhares: Princesa Isabel rum, one of the first produced in Espírito Santo. The information was revealed by A Gazeta columnist Abdo Filho.

The first batch of new production will be white rum, intended for outlets in Espírito Santo and São Paulo.


The report asked the civil police to obtain information on the robbery investigation involving the Cachaça Princesa Isabel distribution center. Until the case is closed, the police have not yet responded to the e-mail. As soon as the information is forwarded, this text will be updated.

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