Technology: How to protect your business from cyber attacks

In today’s corporate world, there is a great need to digitize processes and operations in search of greater productivity and efficiency. In addition, the information technology (IT) sector is increasingly valued, as organizations need virtual systems and tools to ensure smooth work progress while preventing cyber attacks.

Technology companies offer their customers a range of benefits, such as managing their information, as well as supporting devices and software capable of collecting, storing, processing and sharing corporate data. But it is an important job that helps in business development.

It should be noted that the business environment is increasingly connected with technology, present in all areas of the corporation. In fact, the use of hardware and software is important for business progress, as it eliminates paper and speeds up the processes needed for day-to-day organization.

In principle, in order for a company to achieve good efficiency in the use of technologies present on the current market, it must take care of its digital security, avoiding cyber attacks. This is due to the fact that hacker attacks are becoming more common, putting the company and its employees at risk.

Below we will see some ways to protect your company from hackers and cybercriminals:

1 – Update your programs and applications

Programs and software used by your company must always be updated. This is due to the fact that constant updates protect computers and devices from intrusion and hacker access to corporate data. In this way, the company protects itself from attacks, for example, from the Internet.

2 – Back up your documents

The backup protects the company from cyber-attacks such as phishing, which is characterized by the hijacking of data, where the cybercriminal asks for a cash ransom. It provides greater security, as it is possible to access the information again, preventing a hacker attack.

3 – Train your team to prevent cyber attacks

Company employees must be trained to use the organization’s network, devices and computers in a safe manner. They must, for example, use complex passwords, which makes it difficult for hackers to access corporate information. Employees need to know how to secure the company’s network.

4 – Bet on anti-hacker antivirus

According to statistics, about 73% of cyber attacks involve viruses and malware. Antivirus can protect companies from these dangers in a simple and effective way. It is a digital barrier against third-party attacks on the corporate system. It is worth noting that it should always be updated.

5 – Invest in cloud computing

Cloud storage is increasingly used by companies that want to optimize the digitization of their processes and operations. It is a solution for hosting data and information, available on the world wide web, which speeds up access to important documents for the company’s employees, with greater security.

6 – Analyze system vulnerability

A company that wants to protect itself from hackers should hire an expert to analyze the vulnerability of its system. It will scan and scan the corporate network, seeking to map and offer solutions to the fragility of organizational tools, software and computers.

7 – Hire a qualified IT team

The IT team is responsible not only for creating corporate networks, systems, tools and applications, but also for providing cyber security to the enterprise. Likewise, it is necessary to look for a qualified company that offers the necessary resources for business development.

8 – Encrypt corporate data against hackers

Encryption is a key strategy for protecting business data. It is a technique capable of “masking” information, prohibiting access to unauthorized persons. in short, to be able to use the files you need to have the decryption key. Hackers who can access the corporate network will not be able to read the data.

9 – Protect company hardware

It may happen that the company’s device or computer is stolen. In this way, third parties can have access to important data of the organization. In short, it is convenient to use physical locks so that the equipment is not taken away, special locks on the doors, and the aforementioned cloud storage to protect the company’s data.

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