Who is Ricardo Nicolau’s new dealer

Black and white nursing dresses in defense of salary

The sambadrome will have parades throughout the morning and the boats will be presented in Ponta Negra

Electoral Justice targets irregular candidate propaganda during parades and demonstrations

Wilson Lima spends his vacation in three cities

Arthur Neto says Amazonas voters accept his candidacy

“Obstructing the sidewalk” is the leader in the list of irregularities committed by the residents of Manaus

The heat breaks the record of the year in Manaus

The candidate from Goiás wants to open a free zone around Brasília

Authors Claudio Barboza and Solange Elias, with editorials by Única

A change in Ricardo Nicolau’s campaign

Gabriel Aquino from Rio Grande do Sul took over the marketing campaign of presidential candidate Ricardo Nicolau (Solidariedade), replacing Amazon journalist Valdo Garcia. Gabriel knows Amazonian politics well. In 2018, he coordinated Wilson Lima’s campaign, and this year he spent a few days ahead of Amazon’s Mendes campaign, where he did not stay long. He has experience in the advertising market and in the government sector. Besides Porto Alegre, he worked in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.

Nurses’ protest

This September 7, at the Sambódrome, nurses participated in a protest in defense of the minimum wage for that category, which was suspended by Minister Luiz Roberto Barroso. Salaries defined by law that the minister suspended are: nurses R$ 4,750.00; 3,325.00 BRL nursing technicians and 2,375.00 BRL auxiliary nurses and midwives.

Military parade

Also at the Sambódromo, the traditional military parades, which have been suspended for the past two years, will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence. Until 11 a.m., the military units of the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Public Security Forces of Amazonas will parade, with armored vehicles and aircraft.

in Ponta Negra

The Brazilian Navy reported that this Wednesday it will take three ships to the coast of Ponta Negra, in Manaus, for a kind of “maritime stop”. The hospital aid ships Oswaldo Cruz, the river patrol boat “Rondônia” and the river patrol boat “Raposo Tavares”, will also be illuminated in the colors of the Brazilian flag until Thursday (8). Bolsonaro demonstrations are also scheduled in Ponta Negra.

Electoral judiciary supervises

The coordination of electoral propaganda of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) will also be present at the celebration of independence. Judges will check whether candidates in this year’s elections commit criminal offenses or election irregularities.

Wilson Lima inside

Governor and re-election candidate Wilson Lima (União Brasil) will campaign on September 7. It goes to the municipalities of Beruri, Codajás and Novo Airão.

A celebration of Arthur Neto

The candidate for the Senate, Arthur Neto, told ÚNICO what he thought about his visit to one of the “Passo a Paço” city hall event days, created during his administration when he was mayor: “I received affection, hugs and applause, which made me very made me happy,” he said.

Pavements are preferred targets

Unfortunately, the sidewalks and downtowns of Manaus remain the preferred target of “conquerors,” according to the scale of irregularities organized by Implurb. Blocking sidewalks accounts for more than 40% of violations. In numbers, from January to July this year there were 597 notifications, 26 violations, 15 embargoes and 61 administrative demolitions.

record heat

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) confirms with instruments what the Manauars feel on their skin: the hottest day this year was recorded on Monday (5), when thermometers marked 36.3°C. The highest temperature ever recorded in the last 30 years was 39°C on August 21, 2015.

District free zone

The candidate for senator, the former governor of Goiás, Marconi Perillo, promises his voters that, if elected, he will propose the creation of a Free Zone around the Federal District. Perillo says that he is a mirror of the Manaus free trade zone and that the region known as Entorno must have its own business. “For this, it is necessary to have a free zone with zero tax, federal, state, so that the white goods, software and computer industry can come here, next to the federal capital”.

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