HyperX poll reveals results on NFT and Metaves


HyperX research reveals that more than 10% of Brazilian players have already entered the Metaverse and 11.7% have already purchased NFT

The data was collected from a study conducted on 1,196 people who follow HyperX on social media

Metaverse is considered to be the next big stage in the digital world and especially in gaming. Although still in its early stages, the interconnected network of virtual environments has already been used by many companies to launch interactive platforms and solutions. The immersive and more realistic experience provided by this three-dimensional space can be considered a dream come true for gamers, and the research of HyperX, a team of HP Inc. dedicated to peripherals for gamers and a leading brand in gaming and eSports products, reveals that 10.2% of Brazilian gamers have already ventured into Metaverse and 11.7% have already purchased NFT (non-fungible token). The data was collected from a study conducted on HyperX’s social networks in which 1,196 brand followers participated.


Among other information, the material reveals that the most frequently accessed virtual worlds by participants are: Sandbox (34.4%), Hyperverse (17.2), NFT Worlds (11.5%), Decentraland (7.4%) and The Star Atlas ( 7.4%). “One of the most important characteristics of Metavers is its social dimension, since it is basically a way of connecting people,” explains Ariel Plabnik, business manager for Latin America at HyperX. “If gaming is the center of the entertainment industry today, the arrival of Metaverse will only strengthen that vision.”

The results of the survey also revealed that games are still an important space for socializing, as 72.2% of respondents prefer to play with friends, 24.8% prefer to play alone, and 2.9% prefer to play with strangers. The favorite genre of the participants, according to the multiple choice survey, is Shooter (65.3%), followed by RPG (42.1%), Adventure (39%), Battle Royale (36.8%) and Simulators (26.4%). .

Content production

According to the Game Brasil 2022 (PGB) survey, 74.5% of the Brazilian population plays a game. However, the community is even bigger, as it also includes viewers and content creators. When asked about their connection to digital gaming, the HyperX study found that 77.8% of respondents considered themselves gamers, while 5% defined themselves as content creators and 1.8% as viewers. In addition, 14.1% consider themselves part of these three audiences.

“The increase in the generation of content related to music and video, thanks to digital platforms and social networks, is also revolutionizing games in free-to-play and multiplayer games, and will do the same in the Metaverse,” noted Plabnik.

How many players pay to play


NFTs give users ownership of digital goods in the Metaverse, and HyperX research shows that 11.7% of Brazilian players have already purchased NFTs. In addition, it reveals the purchasing potential that players represent for virtual worlds.

According to the study, 89.3% currently make in-game purchases for the following purposes:

  • 47.5% to unlock content
  • 33.8% use the promotion
  • 6.4% for playing with friends
  • 3% for faster and/or easier advancement
  • 2.4% to compete with others

When asked about the amount of monthly investment, 72.1% said they invest less than BRL 100, 20.5% between BRL 101 and BRL 250 and 7.4% more than BRL 250.

“Games and Metaverse will coexist, and the entire ecosystem will have a significant impact on that development,” said Plabnik. “Metaverse is here to bring together all the digital elements of our lives – video games, social media, messaging, e-commerce and more – into one comprehensive experience.”

eSports and purchase settings

With the consolidation of eSports as one of the great passions of the Brazilian gamer, 84% of respondents consider themselves eSports viewers, and 78.7% said they watched a game of the genre in the last month.


As for preferences when purchasing gaming products, 50.3% of respondents prefer wireless peripherals. In terms of favorite console brands, 54.8% chose PlayStation, 39.9% indicated Xbox, and 5.4% preferred Nintendo.

For more information on HyperX and its products, visit the website.

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