Economy: how to organize a small business

Currently, there has been a large increase in the number of individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) in Brazil. About 4 million small businesses were opened last year. Furthermore, it is estimated that 69% of the companies active in the country are small businesses.

There are several business opportunities, however, running a business is not easy. It needs to be organized in an efficient way that allows for an increase in profits and a larger market share. However, it is necessary to create procedures and systems related to the entire business configuration, in order to increase its efficiency and productivity.

Aspects and characteristics of the business that need to be improved must be observed in order to increase the number of consumers and achieve greater profit. In fact, an entrepreneur who wants to have a successful business has to think of ways to better structure his company.

In the beginning, starting a business is not an easy task, you need to organize your finances, improve processes and daily activities, count on employees, talk to customers and suppliers, and do financial planning. Here are some ways to organize a small business:

1 – Have control over papers and documents

Having too many important paper documents can clutter your business. Currently, many companies are betting on the digitization of files in order to better structure their daily corporate operations. Similarly, if you have a large amount of folders and papers, clean them by selecting only the essentials.

2 – Use only necessary applications

It is common to use digital tools in everyday work. However, over time some applications become unnecessary. A good tip is to have the most important apps and delete the redundant ones from your system. It’s a good way to organize your company’s computer network and increase storage space.

3 – Organize the company’s computers

There’s nothing worse than searching for an important file on your computer and finding countless documents clogging up your hard drive to no avail. Clean and leave the most important things organized in a way that you can easily find them in a short time.

4 – Identify the problems

Observe in advance which sector of the company needs more attention in terms of its organization. In this way, check whether the company adheres to deadlines with suppliers and customers, whether there are conflicts over employees, whether there is strategic planning and whether payments are made on time.

5 – Set goals to be achieved

A well-organized company must have goals and objectives to achieve. Likewise, it is necessary to be clear and determine priorities and ways of acting, in search of greater business development. Put on paper where you want to go and the steps necessary to lead your venture to success.

6 – Constantly evaluate

Regardless of the size of the company, it is necessary to monitor how processes and business are carried out so that everything goes without major problems. It is necessary to assess whether the strategies are working. In this way, the manager can change the direction of business, in search of more profitable business.

7 – Process management

In order for a company to be organized, it is necessary to understand how all its management works and the processes it needs to start operating. You should map out procedures and see what works and what doesn’t. It is necessary to have a broad view of business, to understand how each area works.

8 – Control your finances

Financial control is fundamental to the organization of a company. In this way, it is necessary to take into account all company costs, reduce costs and increase the financial return of the business. Another tip is to properly price products and services to make more profit.

9 – Communicate better

The manager’s communication must be assertive not only with customers, but also with employees and suppliers. In short, don’t just get stuck on marketing strategies, internal communication must be clear and objective. It is necessary that all areas of the company are aligned with the business goal.

10 – Plan the necessary changes

In order to organize the company, it is necessary to keep in mind what the problems are and to plan what to do to change the management model. In short, it is a way of determining priorities and optimizing business management. Put everything on paper, including the solutions that must be put into practice.

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