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For many entrepreneurs, working with the online environment has also become essential to the growth of their business, even more so after the Covid-19 pandemic, as consumers began to search for more products online. With accelerated competition among industries, understanding how to sell in the market is one of the most sought-after methods of these entrepreneurs.

This universe of digitalization of companies and ways of selling on the market or even investing in e-commerce is a well-known reality of the director and founder of Prioriz WebShop, Diego Aguilera. Podcast Papo Raiz invited the entrepreneur to talk about this topic and even give some advice for those who have already started or are just thinking about entering the online sales sector.

Before entering into the discussion about the market movement in the main sales platforms and how the industries are adapting to it, Diego Aguilera briefly described his professional trajectory, which from the beginning was related to the trade of a wide variety of products. . He said that he had the opportunity to leave the traditional market, in large multinationals, and go to the world of startups.

“It all happened in 2017, when I was a national sales manager in a multinational company and, after a long cycle of 10 years, I decided to go digital, so I joined a startup in Curitiba, which was a completely different universe, and started to bridge the gap between traditional and digital,” he said.

As soon as he started his career in online sales, the entrepreneur said that he was most impressed by the wide possibilities that this environment can provide to someone or a company. “One of the things that shocked me the most is the universe of possibilities they have within digital, but that you have to keep your focus on something so you don’t get lost in those opportunities,” Aguilera pointed out.

But Diego’s entry into the world of e-commerce did not happen by chance, he said that his experience in traditional companies and the prior knowledge he already had as an entrepreneur were important for him to enter this market even more.

“The traditional space gives you a good basis for managing people, and I think this is a great school for startups, where growth is very fast and things are constantly changing. Another thing that set me apart was the fact that I had my own business before that,” he said.

Precisely from these professional experiences and insight into the problem that many entrepreneurs have in understanding how e-commerce works and how to sell on the market, even in the pandemic period, Prioriza WebShop was born, a startup specializing in the world of e-commerce. and this helps several companies to launch into online sales channels and thus survive in today’s time. The Prioriza case was so successful that the group got its first job in the field after two weeks of existence.

“Prioriza comes with a project that deals with a problem that is very unavoidable in the market: for many years, industries needed to be digitized, but for a number of reasons they could not do it. Thinking about the future, we really want to provide this support to companies and enable them to go through these difficulties and we know there is a lot of room for that, so we see a very focused future with these values ​​of help and also professional”. (Diego Aguilera)

Understanding the reality of the business world and recognizing that the process of how to sell on the market is the biggest problem in this sector, because it is not its ‘core’, Diego Aguilera presented some ideas about everything that includes the internal organization of the corporation and the rules for using online platforms.

What is the market?

Aguilera explained that markets are intermediaries for new niches, but that within this universe of digital commerce there are troubles that can complicate the process and that it is necessary to be aware and adopt strategies that help consolidate the venture.

“When you think about actually opening your own e-commerce, the reality is that there are two main factors that are perhaps the most complicated factors: one of them is focused on the digital part, in this case digital marketing, with large investments when e-commerce will develop, and the second point is the operational part related to logistics”, he pointed out.

How to start selling on the market?

To start a digital presence on the market, first of all, it is necessary to understand how this business tool works, and then to define a plan to attract a larger audience and succeed in selling the products sold.

“If you want to enter this market, start with the marketplaces, understand how the indicators work, what it really looks like and then evaluate what your e-commerce is like,” said the director of Prioriz WebShop.

For those who want to enter this business and learn how to sell in the market, Diego Aguilera has given some guidelines. “My big tip is to play the market game. If they give you the option to invest more money and offer the logistics of your own channel, take advantage of those opportunities. In general, you end up with scale and you can sell, because the markets set the rules and I think it’s up to you to know how to take advantage of that,” the entrepreneur advised.

What is it like to work with Marketplace?

According to Diego Aguilera, Prioriza WebShop’s work on better insertion and positioning of industries on the market is based on a unique service method that is divided into six modules, namely: segment consulting; customer product portfolio analysis; defining a business model, where profit is a priority; intelligent cataloging of products; operation and, finally, the last module is sales report (sales report).

“We’ve developed a methodology that allows us to leverage channel driven leverage, no matter how expensive it is, and we’re also very grounded in working with industries,” the businessman said.

Aguilera pointed out that the end customer of Prioriza WebShop is the industry, using this methodology, which he considers very didactic, entrepreneurs can understand in a simpler and faster way how this e-commerce process works and how to monetize the business.

*Article created by Papo Raiz – relaxed and fun conversation about entrepreneurship and hot topics in society.

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