6 Cyber ​​Security Movies You Should Watch

In recent years, discussions about data leaks and information security have been frequent in the news. And for good reason: never before has so much been shared on the Internet. Although this ensures practicality in everyday life, the dangers are numerous.

Movies are an excellent tool for understanding these sometimes somewhat confusing concepts. With that in mind, I’ve selected 6 of the best movies that talk about cybersecurity issues and the origins of computing and the Internet.


1 – Hacked Privacy (2019)

The second most recent documentary and film on the list, hacked privacy was released in 2019 on the streaming platform Netflix. The film deals with the specific case of the scandal surrounding the collection of information between Facebook and the organization Cambridge Analytica.

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Since the bombshell event, the feature explores information security issues on the internet and how important data is being used by companies in a malicious way, highlighting the need for care and protection when accessing the internet.

In order to protect personal data from possible leaks and intrusions, one of the solutions is to use reliable antivirus programs because they protect your computer or device from hackers.

When it comes to cybersecurity, precautions like this, combined with accurate information, make a big difference.

Social network
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2 – The Social Network (2010)

Despite a steady decline in views in recent years, Facebook is still the most used social network in the world, with nearly three billion users. Of course, the popularity of the site has its origin, which is discussed in the feature film. Social network.

The film, directed by the acclaimed David Fincher, is about the founding of Facebook and the beginning of the career of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg. Considering the controversy surrounding the network and the protection of its users’ data, the film has a crucial importance.

Imitation game
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3 – The Imitation Game (2014)

It is impossible to imagine what our views would be like without the advent of computers. All the knowledge of the world is at our fingertips, and this was only possible thanks to the mathematician Alan Turing, the father of computer science and the inventor of the first computer.

Imitation game tells a little about Turing’s tragic story and the scientific progress he promoted during his lifetime. Without his efforts, the future of computers and the Internet would be completely different.

Millennium - Men Who Didn't Love Women
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4 – Millennium: Men Who Didn’t Love Women (2011)

In 2005, the world had its first contact with what would become one of the most famous detective novel sagas. “Men Who Didn’t Love Women”, the first book, was published that year, after the tragic death of the Swedish writer Stieg Larsson.

The book is about Lisbeth Salander, a very talented hacker who ends up getting involved with dangerous people. In 2011, the novel was adapted into an American feature film directed by the same director responsible for Social network.

War games

5 – War Games (1983)

Launched in 1983. War games it exists in a very different context than all the other films on this list. Although computer technologies were already well developed in the 1980s, we were still far from the Internet as we know it.

Against this backdrop, we are introduced to the story of David (played by Matthew Broderick), a computer genius capable of accessing databases and stealing privileged information. The film offers a historical look at a unique period for computing.

citizen four

6 – CitizenFour (2014)

In 2013, the internet was turned on its head by revelations about the surveillance system that the US government applied to its citizens. The information came from Edward Snowden, a skilled computer security consultant.

citizen four is a documentary about Snowden and how he was able to use his expertise to reveal crucial information about the data security of his countrymen. In the context of cyber security, the world has never been the same.

Movies are fun, but they are also sources of knowledge. Through them, whether fictional or not, we managed to learn something more about the endlessness of the Internet and how we are quite helpless in the face of its dangers.

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