5 tips on how not to miss more sales on the Internet

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The data doesn’t lie: e-commerce is on the rise, and this has been proven by the pandemic period as people increasingly realize that buying and selling online is a profitable and smart way out.

The advantages of e-commerce are evident. And practicality is one of them. Today, it is possible to buy your product without getting up from the couch, with just a few clicks of the mouse or a swipe of the smartphone.

For these and others, for many entrepreneurs and for Digital Marketing, online sales are no longer a simple option and become an important solution.

However, not everything is rosy when it comes to e-commerce. Despite its advantages, it also presents challenges, which is why it’s worth knowing some tips to always see your sales increase.

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Tips on how not to miss out on more sales online

In the age of the Internet and social networks, e-commerce cannot be left out. Even those who operate a physical store can also invest “in the digital side of the power”, offering an additional path for their customers.

E-commerce is also an alternative for those who want to sell info products, such as e-books, for example, or other specific products to a well-targeted audience, such as personalized t-shirts and other items.

However, while online sales have several advantages, nothing prevents periods of turmoil from compromising their performance. To avoid this, learn some tips for saving.

1 – Have a e-mail with your own domain

Consumers love to shop online, but they love it even more when the online store is trusted. You are also a customer and I’m sure you wouldn’t fill your shopping cart with an e-commerce store that doesn’t offer trust.

Therefore, having an email with your own domain is already a way to show professionalism and prove that your e-commerce is committed to quality.

Generally, to create your own domain email, you need to have a registered domain name and hire a good email hosting service.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that hosting is like a server rental service. Therefore, through a hosting service, you can access a space to store and manage your domain information in a specific virtual environment.

If you still doubt the importance of a professional e-mail for your online sales, it is not out of place to know that it offers:

  • Good user experience
  • personalization
  • Credibility
  • Stand out from your competitors

2 – Invest in a good sales platform

Those who have a physical store need space to set up their establishment and display their products. In the case of online shopping, the situation is not so different. You must have virtual space.

If in a physical store the environment must be welcoming and organized to attract customers, the same is true for e-commerce. This is where the use of an appropriate platform, a tool that enables personalization, product display and secure acquisition, comes into play.

Nowadays, when it comes to a virtual trading platform, managers have quality options. So, familiarize yourself with some options.


WordPress is already known as one of the website and blog management systems packed with features and benefits. Due to the large selection of plugins and templates available, WordPress is among the top 10 developers, both beginners and experienced.

In the case of an online store, WordPress is not bad because the CMS can also be used as an e-commerce platform. It even has its own plugin for it, WooCommerce.

With this plugin that enhances your online store, you are guaranteed some features that provide a great user experience and, consequently, help maintain high sales. Some of the benefits offered are:

  • Ease of shopping cart management
  • sustainable payment solutions
  • Internal search filters
  • Tools that enable agile inventory management
  • ordering prices
  • Fast and intuitive adjustment


Shopify is a platform that allows anyone to set up and manage an online store, with the ability to sell physical and info products, including dropshipping sales.

This platform offers some interesting features, such as:

  • Simple customization
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Scalability for your e-commerce
  • A variety of themes and responsive design that enable sales via mobile devices
  • Sending an invoice
  • Integration with social networks
  • Monitoring sales and consumer behavior.


Another platform that gives good performance to your online store, guaranteeing good sales rates.

Magento is an open source tool, i.e. open source. This means that any user with good programming knowledge can make changes and even establish new functionalities for the system.

In this way, there are several possibilities of personalizing your store, which greatly contributes to not losing sales.

Magento is also equipped with interesting plugins that allow you to introduce various improvements to e-commerce, such as shopping cart management and payment methods.

3 – Invest in digital security

What often prevents a customer from clicking the “buy” option is a feeling of insecurity. An e-commerce that does not show the user that it is a safe place will surely suffer from low sales.

When it comes to security, a well-known SSL certificate is essential, as it is a tool that protects financial transactions in e-commerce through encryption.

Practically, the user can type with it without fear of exposing important data, such as card number, CPF and other data.

A tip for having an SSL certificate is to invest in a good website hosting service. Today, the best hosting companies put this feature between their basic and advanced plans.

4 – Offer multi-channel to the customer

A multi-channel approach is one of the foundations of current digital marketing strategies. In short, omnichannel means adopting multiple channels to sell and interact with the customer. And that includes offline channels too.

Don’t be surprised if one day you feel the need to use social media, create a blog, use chat or email for customer service. These – and other ways – make it easier for users to access your e-commerce.

5 – Participate in the market

Imagine a shopping mall, but in a virtual environment where several online stores share space. That’s the logic of the Marketplace.

By being part of the Marketplace, you have the opportunity to make your e-commerce brand more known because you will be presenting your products on a channel with an already established audience.

It is also not possible to rule out the great diversity of the audience. Think about the amount of people who “walk” through the market and come across your store. All this improves sales.


It is not impossible to achieve a satisfactory amount of sales on the Internet. Having an email with your own domain, good website hosting and good digital marketing strategies allow your business to stay “on top of the wave”.

If we take into account the data that shows how much e-commerce has grown in recent years, we realize that the public – at least the majority – no longer turns their noses up at online shopping.

So, to attract more customers and not lose more sales online, follow these tips and watch your business grow to new heights.

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