Councilor Dr. Luiz Fernando passes a law that guides the elderly against virtual fraud

The governor listed the main tax reductions by the administration, which benefit the entire population

Governor Mauro Mendes (UB) stated that Mato Grosso is the state that has reduced taxes and fees the most in the entire country.

During an interview with CBN Cuiabá radio, this Tuesday (09/06), the manager mentioned that more than 140 taxes, fees and contributions have been reduced or reduced during his administration.

“We were the government that cut taxes the most in the country. All the taxes we reduce are available. We reduced ICMS to energy, telecommunications, internet, petrol, diesel and gas. We reduced 140 taxes, contributions and secondary fines. Everyone from small and micro companies knows this. Everything else is fake news.”

In addition to the reduction, Mato Grosso currently has the lowest ICMS rates in the country for items such as electricity (17%), telephony and internet (17%), ethanol (12.5%) and gas (12%).

The reduction of taxes means that about R$ 1.2 billion annually does not enter the state coffers, money that remains in the pockets of citizens.

According to Mauro Mendes, the criticisms about the alleged taxation are lies invented by the opposition and have no evidence, unlike the tax reduction, which is stated in the invoices and available to all residents of Mato Grosso.

“Unfortunately, fake news spreads quickly. Of course the opponent will criticize. Opponents will not say that we have recovered the country, that we are building six large hospitals, 2,500 km of asphalt, that a lot is being invested in education, culture and sports. The opposition is making this up because it has nothing to say and to try to deceive the citizens,” he concluded.

historical reduction

In addition to the items already mentioned, see other taxes and fees reduced during the administration of Mauro Mendes:

Ethanol in the second state: from 7% to 4.5%
Footwear sector: from 17% to 12%
Clothing sector: from 17% to 12%
Textile sector: from 17% to 12%
Beef and offal: from 2% to 1%
Intercity passenger transport: from 17% to 7%
Bars, restaurants and the like: from 7% to 3%
Internal output of IT and telecommunications products: from 17% to 7%
Internal wooden openings: from 17% to 7%
Craft beer and draft beer: from 25% to 18%
Communication services: from 30% and 27% to 10%
Penalty for late payment: from 23% to 20%
Penalties applicable to ICMS debts: up to 60% reduction in cash and up to 40% in installments

Basic basket items
87 drugs used in the treatment of cancer
Medicines used in nuclear medicine
Medicines intended for the treatment of people with HIV
Renewable electricity systems generated by biogas
Vehicles purchased by people with Down syndrome
Family farm
Family agribusiness operation
Working indoors with sprinklers and irrigation systems in agriculture or horticulture
Diesel for metropolitan passenger transport
School bus
tourist charter
Energy for charity until 2024
Internal procurement and import of products to fight against COVID-19
In 2020, energy for low-income families
From August to December 2021, energy to hospitals and charities

1st place until December 2023
IPVA 2020 school transport
Tourist charter IPVA 2020
IPVA 2020 tourist transport of passengers
IPVA 2021 tourist transport of passengers
IPVA 2021 school transport,
IPVA 2021 transport applications
IPVA 2021 fleet of bars, restaurants and similar i
IPVA 2021 motorcycles up to 165cc

Gas conversion fee for app drivers: from BRL 384.95 to BRL 0
Annual licensing: from 148.75 BRL to 140 BRL
Vehicle stamp: from 40.34 BRL to 18 BRL
Certificate of approval: from 40.34 BRL to 15 BRL
Title deed: from BRL 63.03 to BRL 15
Issuing a second copy of the license registration: from BRL 104.63 to BRL 45.38
Reissuance of the document: from 104.63 BRL to 45.38 BRL
Freezing the IPVA 2022 table: basis for calculation in 2021

Forest guides: from 35.79 BRL to 7.15 BRL
Car repair: from BRL 1193.04 to BRL 447.39
Forest management (134 areas): from BRL 10,289.97 to BRL 1,445.07
Burning permit (area 1533): from BRL 23,607.28 to BRL 16,748.79
Poultry cutting (150 thousand heads): from BRL 19,760.22 to BRL 8,323.63
LAC (150 thousand warehouses): from 2147.85 BRL to 447.39 BRL

Fuel PMPF Freeze: October 2021 to March 2022
Reduction of fines and interest on tax debts: up to 95%
Suspension of PMPF “hot drinks”
PMF suspension for calculating the ICMS (market value) of cotton
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of rice
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of sugarcane
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of beans
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of sunflower
PMF suspension for calculating the ICMS (market value) of maize
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of millets
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of soybeans
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of sorghum
Suspension of PMF for calculation of ICMS (market value) of wheat

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