Positivo Tech Services points to the challenges of on-site technical assistance in large areas

The last two years have completely changed the way people work. Parallel to the pandemic, there has been an acceleration of digital transformation, an exponential growth of the hybrid work model and a series of adaptation needs for different market segments. For brands that work with IT support services, for example, the biggest challenge has been to maintain a standard of service with efficiency, agility and capillarity, even more so in a continental-sized country like Brazil. Positivo Tech Services, a brand of Positivo Tecnologia that provides advanced support to public and private organizations in the country, is inserted in this context, and its director of operations Marcos David outlines the main challenges of this new scenario in the IT sector.

“When Positivo Tech Services was created, during the pandemic, we developed a range of services any place, which goes to employees’ homes, businesses or anywhere, already anticipating that it would make a big difference. As the market leader in the state segment, Positivo Tecnologia already has a capillary area throughout Brazil, with a history of operations in more than 5,500 municipalities, and we have adapted to the moment. Despite this, there are numerous challenges brought by the historical moment and the geographical panorama in our country”, he explains.

In order to meet this demand, it is crucial to be ready to invest in the skilled growth of the workforce and in the training of IT technicians.

Impact of load
Technical support and maintenance of machines are essential for those who want to extend the life of the equipment and consequently reduce costs through constant repairs or even changes of devices in the short term. A major challenge for consumers and companies in the segment is directly related to the location of customers, since possible distances from large centers create a financial impact related to the transport and relocation of specialists.

“Positivo Tech Services started to implement this type of service because it has a good business base in thousands of Brazilian municipalities. Even if logistics are established in many municipalities, this can cause high costs. For companies that do not have that same capillarity, the impact is even greater,” explains David. “Our big advantage is that we can be competitive in continental countries as well. We currently have support in cities from Ananindeu to Chuí, always with specialized technicians,” says David.

team training
In large territories such as Brazil, it is necessary to have good experts who are well distributed or the quality of service could be impaired in certain regions. In order to meet this demand, it is essential to be ready to invest in the qualified growth of the workforce and in the training of IT technicians and managers, who will represent the brand wherever it is required.

“Positivo Tech Services has a great challenge in maintaining service standards anywhere. Therefore, to cover all parts of the country, we have thousands of employees and are investing more and more in our training school,” says the CEO.

remote service
With the large adoption of hybrid work and home office by companies, there was a growing and natural need for the market to adapt to this dynamic, even more so due to the agility that certain services require. Therefore, one of the priorities of the sector is the question of diagnostics based on the technology itself, with software in which, in addition to monitoring, it is possible to carry out a kind of preventive and corrective maintenance.

“Corrective maintenance, for example, happens when some part of the computer stops working completely. In preventive measures, the machine is monitored and some warnings begin to be issued, as happens on the dashboard of a car, for example, when the oil change or fuel shortage light comes on. We work with software that will give us this preventive vision and, consequently, the agility and attention that the client requires”, explains the director of operations at Positivo Tech Services.

equipment management
In terms of equipment management, the challenge is to have something preventive. That is, in addition to monitoring and predicting possible failures, we already leave some components that can be easily replaced, in order to anticipate a problem and be able to solve it as soon as it occurs. Another alternative is to maintain complete equipment that guarantees maximum availability so that the user does not have problems with work due to the lack of one or another component.

“Positivo Tech Services offers these two alternatives, depending on the customer’s needs, so that they cannot work until technical support is called and arrives on site,” says the CEO.

Quality and capillarity
The market for computer technical assistance has grown significantly in recent years and providing good service that solves customer problems at a competitive price is always a big challenge.

“We want to combine efficiency, quality and capillarity in order to have a level of excellence in service provision, ensuring user satisfaction and equipment availability. For this, Positivo Tech Services is always looking for a level of balance between these pillars, along with profitability,” concludes David.

Positivo Tecnologia is a Brazilian technology company that develops, manufactures and sells computers, mobile phones, pills, smart home and office devices, servers and IT infrastructure solutions, as well as accessories, mobile payment terminals and educational technologies. It also offers integrated IT and mobility equipment rental services, program media and technical assistance.

The set of products and services is intended for end consumers, companies, schools and public institutions. The company was founded in 1989, has administrative headquarters in Curitiba, PR, five factories in Brazil, with a presence in Argentina, Kenya, Rwanda, China and Taiwan.

The portfolio of brands and businesses consists of Positivo, Positivo Casa Inteligente, Positivo Servers & Solutions, Vaio, Compaq, Anker, Infinix, 2A.M and Educacional.


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