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The next step will be the installation of new computers in basic health units and specialist centers

The municipality of Valinhos, following investments in the field of technology and innovation, is already starting to install 360 computers and 23 laptops intended for the Department of Health, out of a total of 1980 machines acquired for the municipal departments, with an investment of R$ 10 million, for the efficient and complete implementation of the electronic medical record with data on all patients treated in all health units in the city, since the system was not used fully and correctly, including the lack of server training. This Wednesday (13th) the equipment will be installed in UPA (Emergency Care Department) and Upinha (Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department). It is a continuation of the investment plan in technology, within the Valinhos Mais Conectada and Patient in First programs. Last year, the City already implemented fiber-optic cabling with high-speed Internet in 100% of public buildings that are in operation.

“The technological structure in the health units and other municipal secretariats was very outdated, which prevented progress in improving care for the population. Investing in technology to offer the citizens of Valinho an increasingly better public health system was one of the commitments of our government plan. Now, with the necessary equipment, consultations and other medical care will be more complete, more agile and with greater security, while preserving all data privacy, as it should be. Furthermore, this system implementation with 100% capacity will allow health management to analyze real-time situations such as, for example, waiting times for appointments. Our main goal with this implementation, which will last several months, is to break the queues for scheduling appointments at UBS”, said Mayor Captain Lucimara.

Fully electronic medical records will provide virtual access to patient information for better medical monitoring. With this tool, doctors, nurses and health technicians can access all data recorded in the patient care system, ensuring safer and more agile treatment. Information such as consultation and exam history will be available to the consultation professional at the time of service. Nevertheless, healthcare will be provided with access to data that turns into important indicators for demand analysis and planning activities to fully expand the service and thus overcome the challenges of the healthcare field in the city.

After installing computers and laptops in UPA and Upinha, it will be the turn of UBS (Basic Health Units) and other services for citizens to receive equipment, in order to start the process of implementing the electronic health record.

“All medical offices will have a computer that will be used by specialists during patient care. In this way, it will be possible to extract data that will help in diagnosis or, for example, prescribing treatment”, commented the Secretary of Health, Dr. sc. Luiz Gabriel Signorelli.

The Ministry of Health is already training the experts who will use the system so that the service runs without complications as soon as it starts.


City Hall has invested more than BRL 10 million in digital equipment, which has brought municipal departments 1,247 desktop computers, 733 laptops (692 exclusively for education), 13 interactive digital whiteboards and 130 smart projectors (also called smart projectors, with wifi ). , which allows interconnection, access to the Internet, including direct access to sites such as Youtube, without the need to connect to a computer; it even comes with a keyboard for editing documents directly on the projection).

In 2021, the City Hall implemented the first phase of the Valinhos Mais Conectada program, with the implementation of fiber optics and high-speed Internet in 100% of public buildings that are in operation, focusing on all health units and all city schools. Now, with computers and laptops, together with high-quality Internet, it will be possible to put into practice all the planned improvements in the provision of public services.

Author: Communications Department – Valinhos City Hall

Place: Valinhos

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