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New technologies bring new means of payment. Offering different options to customers can be the deciding factor in their purchase. (Photo: Getty Images)

The consistent evolution of the numbers shows that, after the worst moment of the pandemic, there is no turning back from joining e-commerce. In the second quarter of this year, Brazilian e-commerce generated a total of 89.6 million online sales, according to research published by Neotrust.

In the online environment, it is not enough to have the best combination of products and invest in the most modern technological resources. Without it digital payment methods suitable for e-commerce, any effort to differentiate yourself from the competition is in vain.

We too payment methods what was seen was a change in behavior. In the August edition of the Gmattos Payments Study, which refers to July, Pix and boletto compete for second place among consumers’ shopping preferences in the largest online stores in Brazil. The credit card comes first.

Since the beginning of the study, in January 2021, it was the first time that Pix reached the same percentage as boletto.

Overall, 78% of the stores analyzed offered both Pix and Boleto as payment options. The credit card reached 98.3% of merchants.

Why offer alternatives to the customer

Having a suitable digital means of payment brings a number of advantages to the entrepreneur. Among them, fault protection and safety at work. On the customer side, the availability of alternatives when concluding an e-commerce purchase can be a deciding factor due to convenience.

The challenge of every business owner is to offer the most attractive options for consumers of products or services. Imagine, for example, that you only offer payment by boletus while your competitors have alternatives ranging from credit cards to Pix.

Payment methods for e-commerce

Here are the 5 most common ways to get paid online today:

1. Credit card

2. Pix

3. payment link

4. Bank slip

5. Recurring charges

Features of the main means of payment

– The credit card allows the customer to pay for purchases in installments. For the merchant, one of the advantages is recourse anticipation of claimswith access in the present to values ​​that will only be received in the future.

– Pix allows payment at a very low price via keys registered by the merchant (CNPJ, CPF, email or mobile number), QR code or random keys. The operation takes less than 10 seconds and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– The payment link allows the merchant to perform a sale without the need for a machine. A personalized link (with order information) is generated by the merchant at the time of checkout, is used to pay by credit card (cash or installments), Boleta and Pix, and can be sent by WhatsApp, email, SMS and networks.

– Boleto is considered one of the most democratic means because it also serves clients who are not in the bank. It is possible to send it by post or, for example, by e-mail, even with the issue of a second copy. However, there is a high probability that the consumer will give up.

– In recurring sales, the customer pays, for example, a subscription, plan or monthly fee for the period in which they want to have access to the product or service.

What to consider when choosing

Before you decide which alternatives are favorable for your business, consider information such as the frequency of billing fees for each type of payment method, what are the deadlines for receiving sales, and the layers of security for the entrepreneur and customer against fraud protection.

products to order

In addition to receiving credit and debit cards, SafraPay users, natural or legal person (clients of the Safra Empresas application or portal), have the Link option for payment. It only takes four steps to generate and share your payment link:

1. Log in to the SafraPay Digital application with your username and password

2. Select the “Payment Link” option in the Sell Now section;

3. Fill in the sales information and value

4. Now just send the link to your client

already Simple SafraPay connectionin addition to one-time charges, it allows for recurring charges, including various configurable monthly plans.

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