What is the most widely used computer operating system in the world?

Every computer needs an operating system to run, and there are several popular ones around the world. Although there are many options, there are few that can win over a legion of users. But do you know which are the most used OS on the planet?

The operating system is a huge software with sets of smaller programs, whose function is to manage and administer all the resources present in the machine. Utility must be related to hardware components, such as the video card, USB ports, and memory, and software, such as file hierarchy and functionality, solutions, and third-party operations.

The advantage of the OS is the use of a graphical interface that gives you full control over your computer. If it didn’t exist, you’d probably have to deal with lines of code to launch a web browser, play music, or delete a photo.

Data from StatCounter, a data company focused on digital technology companies, was used to prepare the ranking. The survey takes into account information collected through July 31, 2022, so market percentages may have changed slightly. Despite this, the positions on the list have certainly not changed, after all, the share of users has remained the same for several years.

What are the most commonly used computer operating systems?

5. FreeBSD (0.01% of the market)

FreeBSD has its own modifications just like Linux (Image: Reproduction/FreeBSD)

FreeBSD is a system derived from Unix, on the same basis as Linux and Android, but with certain differences. It is a more complete open source software, unlike Linux which only provides a kernel and drivers to run as a standalone operating system.

Generally, the software is used on desktop and desktop computers, but it has modifications for smart devices like PlayStation 3 and 4, servers and firewalls. Since it is not very popular, it is a virtually virus-free system, except that it has a small community, but is committed to constant improvement.

4. Chrome OS (1.86% market share)

Chrome OS resembles Android but is designed to run on lower-cost laptops and PCs (Image: Reproduction/Google)

Chrome OS is the youngest on the list, but it already ranks fifth in the ranking of the most popular systems. Created by Google, the OS is designed to work on notebook computers with modest configurations, so-called chromebooks.

The operation is fully integrated with Google services, as if you were using the Chrome browser for everything. This means that the text editor is Docs and files are synced directly to the cloud, which requires an internet connection but is ideal for computers with little HD space.

3. Linux (2.81% of the market)

Ubuntu is the most famous Linux distribution due to its ease of use and simple appearance (Image: Reproduction/OMG! Ubuntu!)

The famous Unix-based system was created by Linus Torvalds to be the ultimate alternative to paid operating systems. Linux has a kernel developed by a community of enthusiasts who always want to expand usability, without sacrificing security and stability.

Linux has many variants and is a favorite of developers. There are beautiful and functional versions for laymen, but it also offers complex interfaces for advanced users. The OS is today the most used operating system in servers, databases and computers for technical use.

2. macOS (14.4% market share)

macOS stands out for its sleek look and excellent performance even on older MacBooks (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

macOS is an evolution of OS X and has enough of a market to be the official operating system for Apple desktops and laptops. The software is designed to work perfectly on the different architectures of these machines, making it impossible to install on computers in the traditional way.

Even with this imprint of exclusivity, macOS is the second most popular operating system in the world, a result of Apple’s popularity over the past decade. The software has compatibility with various iOS programs, integration with company solutions and devices, as well as excellent stability.

1. Windows (74.73% of the market)

Windows remains the most used operating system since the 1990s (Image: Reproduction/Samsung)

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. The absolute leader, Microsoft’s software has numerous versions and quite easily overtakes the runner-up. This is the result of ongoing support offered by developers, with weekly updates and huge compatibility with programs, games and hardware.

The most interesting part is that, unlike Apple’s rival, it is sold as a paid solution at prices that are not always tempting. This has also made the OS a target for digital pirates in the past, which also explains part of this huge user base inherited to this day.

Extra: Unknown (6.19% of the market)

This is a category that includes all systems that StatCounter could not map. This happens when the algorithm couldn’t identify which system you’re using, even if it’s listed here, for some unknown reason.

These identification difficulties may be due to security mechanisms such as anti-tracking browsers, firewalls or utilities designed to hide data from your operating system. As can be seen, there are more than 6% of people on the planet in this state, which is an indication that the user is more concerned about his privacy on the Internet.

The first 1 on the list was easy to say, but did you have any idea about the others? Will the reign of Windows last for many more years, or could Linux and macOS one day compete with Microsoft’s solution?

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