Delegation of Torrens visiting the award-winning building Fecomércio do RS – A FOLHA TORRES

On Tuesday (August 30), a bus left early in the morning that took a delegation from Torrenção (including the director of the newspaper A FOLHA, Faust Júnior) to visit the new headquarters of the RS Economic Association (Fecomércio). – handed over for full occupancy in February of this year 2022. The building, in addition to being a new facility of the Rio Grande do Sul federation, was also built in accordance with the paradigm of technological modernity, with world-class methods, to the point after having already received several awards also throughout world for the level of installed architectural innovation, which meets practicality, productivity and environmental sustainability in a package of building standards.

The delegation was organized by the president of Sindilojas de Torres, Lori dos Santos, together with her colleague in the federation committee (Fecomércio), businessman Nasser Samhan from Torres. In it, along with other entrepreneurs from trade and services of Torres, there were five councilors from the local City Council: Rafael Silveira (President of the Legislative Chamber), Dilson Boaventura, Igor Beretta, João Negrini and Rose Matos. Municipal secretaries Mauri Rodrigues (culture and sports), Clarice Brovedan (farm) and Sotério Junior (work, industry and trade) were also present. The mayor of Torres Carlos Souza and the president of Torres Business Forum Eraclides Maggi also arrived for the visit in their vehicles.

Discussion on Fecomércio services at the technological plenary session

Employees of the Gaucho Federation first offered a kind of ‘tour’ of the facilities – where thematic exhibitions, congress halls, theaters, leisure areas and other parts of the new building were shown. After that, the delegation participated in the presentation of the current activities of Fecomércio with companies from Rio Grande do Sul through the Social Service for Trade (Sesc), the National Service for Commercial Education (Senac) and the trade union (Sindilojas), in an open and specific presentation of the participants and union technician. All in a modern hall for plenary sessions in a new building, fully equipped with the latest visual and audio communication technology.

Organized political mobilizations

Among the novelties in Fecomércia’s performance in favor of companies from the commercial and service sectors (including tourism), the REPRESENTA + project was presented. It is a platform with applications for computers and smartphones, where merchants can communicate with the Federation of Rio Grande do Sul about bills and other political mechanisms that are presented or changed in the Brazilian Legislature (both in the National Congress and in the Legislative Assembly of Brazil). LOL). The applied platform allows entrepreneurs to give ideas about the impact of legislation on their business areas, as well as to propose political mobilization with representatives in order to make amendments to cases (or even articulation so that the law is not approved or at least archived). For this purpose, Fecomércio RS keeps agents of its staff within the legislative powers (both in Brasília and in Porto Alegre) to be aware of the proceedings on the issues most affecting the sectors of the federation (including within the thematic committees).

New services with technology resources available to members

At the end of the technical visit, the delegation from Torrens visited the most modern space in the new building of the association: LAB. It is a large space for meetings and the production of diverse content, which is available to Fecomércio associates. They are fully equipped workstations; Studios for audio, video and photo recording; conference rooms, residential areas, all with covered parking available for retailers and related service providers interested in using Fecomércio for advertising, HR meetings, web content production, among others.

There, work also begins on the development of Start ups (technological innovation and new product companies) in partnership with SEBRAE, which can be accessed by members. All services have experts from the alliance who help in the performance of tasks made possible by the business intervention laboratory and provide equipment and space for their implementation.

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