Lian Li Cabinet: 5 Models to Assemble Your Computer | Which one to buy?

Manufacturer Lian Li offers several models of cases for mounting your computer. This equipment is responsible for housing all PC parts, and the following list brings together models for prices starting at R$749, such as the Lian Li Lancool 205, which has an ITX design and a tempered glass side cover.

The Lian Li TU150X, on the other hand, has a simple design and a retractable handle on top for values ​​starting at R$1112. Another option is the Lian Li ‎Q58 W4, which has an ITX format and all-white metal for around R$1656. Here are five Lian Li wardrobes you can buy in Brazil in 2022.

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Lian Li cabinet: 5 models at prices from R$ 749 — Photo: Publicity/Lian Li

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Lancool 205 offers an ATX design. The model can be indicated for users who want to install more robust peripherals to increase the capacity of the computer, such as ATX video cards and some motherboards of reasonable length. The back of the case comes with two simple and small seven-blade fans, but the internal space promises support for three more. It has been found for values ​​starting at R$749.

The side cover is made of tempered glass, in addition to being transparent and allowing visualization of the inside of the product. With estimated dimensions of 40 cm high and 40 cm wide, the item has two USB ports and two others for P2 cables. Rated 5 out of 5 on Amazon, users positively note the clean design and reasonable interior space.

  • Advantages: comes with two fans
  • Against: lack of RGB lighting

Lian Li Lancool 205 comes with two fans and has a transparent side cover — Photo: Disclosure/Lian Li

Lancool II – X is also an ITX tower model, which means it has more limited internal space. Its difference is the side covers, embedded in tempered glass and allowing visualization of the interior without the need to remove them. The design of the front of the case offers vertical RGB lighting that can easily be coordinated with the decor of the setup. The model can be found from R$ 799.

With approximate dimensions of 49 cm high and 22 cm wide, the accessory comes with a fan and promises a total of two USB ports and a P2 port. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the presence of RGB lighting, the build quality and the fans that come with the product.

  • Advantages: transparent covers
  • Against: limited space

Lian Li Lancool II – X holding an ITX tower — Photo: Disclosure/Lian Li

The TU150X offers a very simple design, made in a neutral color without large flashy designs. At the top there is a power button, three USB ports and two P2 ports. Constructed from textured aluminium, its differential consists of a retractable handle on top, a useful feature for easy transport of accessories. The product can be found at prices starting from R$ 1112.

With dimensions of 37 cm in height and 20 cm in width, this model has an ITX tower, i.e. conventional and reduced size. It doesn’t include a lot of extra space for merging multiple items, which can be annoying for demanding users. However, it can host up to two small fans and a graphics card. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the quality of the material. However, criticize the lack of RGB lighting.

  • Advantages: Includes a retractable carrying handle
  • Against: does not come with a fan

The Lian Li TU150X promises space for up to two fans — Photo: Disclosure/Lian Li

The LAN2MRW also offers a more robust design thanks to the ATX tower. Its interior comes with three small fans with RGB lighting and promises a reserved space at the bottom for peripherals like HD or sources. The outer casing is made of white metal with micro-holes, while the side is guaranteed by transparent tempered glass doors. The model is available at prices starting from R$ 1173.

The upper part has three USB ports, a P2 port and two buttons for controlling the internal RGB lighting of the case. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the value for money and excellent quality. However, criticize that the side cover is not well aligned.

  • Advantages: comes with fans with RGB
  • Against: reports of poor quality ventilators

Lian Li ‎LAN2MRW comes with three RGB fans — Photo: Publicity/Lian Li

The Q58 W4 offers connectivity ports and a power button on the front of the design, unlike the other items already mentioned. Made of all white metal, it has two USB ports and another P2. The ITX tower has a reduced size, but guarantees a transparent tempered glass side cover. Interested consumers need to pay 1656 BRL to purchase the product.

With a height of 34 cm and a width of 17 cm, the manufacturer promises that the device supports radiators up to 325 mm or two 120 mm fans for ventilation of the interior space. Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, users emphasize the quality of the product and the ability to insert a large fan into the interior space. However, criticize that the product does not come with fans.

  • Advantages: clean design
  • Against: lack of RGB lighting

Lian Li ‎Q58 W4 offers a clean design, completely made of white metal — Photo: Publicity/Lian Li

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