Just a little more: learn how to watch the 2022 World Cup on your smart TV, mobile phone and computer

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events in Brazil, and in 2022, the opportunity to renew Brazilian football and possibly win the Hex culminates in a redoubled interest in the event. Many sports fans are already preparing in every possible way for the moment of the matches, buying the official jersey, cup ball, sticker album and ensuring the best picture and sound experience for viewing.

It’s really important to be well prepared as missing out on an amazing match due to technical glitches, channel unavailability or, in many cases, being stuck in traffic, buses, queues at the bank or doctor’s surgery is an extremely frustrating experience that can damage the Cup experience. It’s no wonder that searches for ways to watch events on a mobile device or get the most out of the Internet on TV are growing exponentially. Technology and its use for sports consumption has grown tremendously in the country, and companies love it ExpressVPN already points to Brazilian trends when watching sports online, so we’ve prepared this article to show you everything you need to know to watch the Cup wherever you are. Check it out.

World Cup 2022 via streaming

The use of streaming technologies for live content consumption has become extremely mature and robust over the past few years. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch have proven that modern Wi-Fi and 4G networks are already more than capable of streaming live video in high quality, and with increasingly fast internet plans and wired networks, it’s possible to get far better picture quality even with found in traditional cable television. Therefore, knowing how to watch the World Cup via streaming is a good way to avoid interruptions and at the same time ensure good video and audio quality.

In Brazil, the easiest official platform to consume World Cup 2022 content via streaming is a subscription to Globo Play, which will broadcast all matches in very high quality and 4K resolution – an impressive number, which has not yet been confirmed even for cable TV companies such as Claro or Vivo, which are still in negotiations with the broadcaster to receive signals in ultra HD. Although the service offers the Globo channel live for free, it is possible that, thanks to licensing agreements, the transmission of the Cup requires a full monthly subscription of R$ 42.90. Another way to consume television via streaming is the IPTV protocol – which, despite being associated with illegal piracy, can now be done in a completely legitimate way through services like Claro TV+ available on tablets, computers, smart TVs and mobile phones.

For those planning to use the internet as their main way of watching the World Cup, a few important tips can improve your experience:

Pay attention to the speed and quality of the network: Live video signals require high network bandwidth. That’s why it’s important to prioritize connection speed. If it is not possible to connect the device via a network cable, 5GHz Wi-Fi networks are ideal for video streaming. For mobile networks, the newly arrived 5G connections are ideal for watching broadcasts, but 4G networks will also suffice. In cases of crashes or slowness, reducing the resolution is the ideal solution. Streaming in full 4K quality, for example, requires more than 40 Mbps of speed, while a 720p HD signal is perfectly acceptable at just 8 Mbps.

Use Android TV box to transform old TVs: If you have an old TV set but want quality access to streaming sports, an Android TV box, a small smart device connected to the TV via HDMI, is a cost-effective solution. Several products are available such as Google Chromecast, Xiaomi options, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV, among others, which allow access to all applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and yes, Globo Play and Claro TV+.

Now you know about the cup streaming option and you can get ready to watch Brazil in Qatar in high quality – the 2022 World Cup starts on Sunday, November 20.

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