Clever Control in-depth review: Everything you need to know about employee monitoring

What do you think Clever Control is? An employee monitoring tool called Clever Control keeps track of team members’ computer usage. It is the perfect instrument to inspire staff to reach their highest levels of productivity, increase their efficiency and prevent illegal activities such as information leakage, identity theft and unauthorized access.

It allows users to remotely control and monitor all computer operations and activities in real time, including file sharing, social networking, chat sessions, online browsing and Internet searches. In addition, it takes into account interactions with storage and other devices such as USB drives and printers.

Clever Control is a web-based monitoring program that can be accessed directly from your browser. No need for a dedicated server, setup is easy and no IT skills are required. Before you buy, you can properly test Clever Control thanks to the vendor’s offer of a 5-day free trial for 10 computers.

You will be required to do the following before using the program:

  • Complete the short registration form on the home page of the developer’s website.
  • Visit the secure dashboard to download the Clever Control Employee Monitoring installation wizard.
  • Deploy Clever Control on every employee’s computer and keep an eye on them from a secure dashboard.

The cost of the program is paid regularly and is USD 330 for 10 computers (3 months) (a little more than R$ 1,700.00).

Overview of Clever Control:

Clever Control’s team monitoring software checks all the necessary criteria. It includes all the features you need to monitor the whereabouts of your employees in an easy-to-use stealth program. The best part is that Clever Control won’t destroy your finances; its average monthly cost of $5 (approximately R$26.00) per user is among the lowest in our study.

Administrators can establish rules and regulations for their company and then monitor user compliance with those rules using Clever Control’s employee monitoring software. Clever Control does a great job of simplifying these tools, but it lacks the customization options of some of the other programs we reviewed.

Employee Tracker Features:

One of the complete software in our review is Clever Control. It provides tools for almost every component of the employee tracking ecosystem. In addition to all the features described below, Clever Control displays a running tab of all the activities the user has done on their device. This page summarizes all user activities. The following tools simplify analysis if your overview is too broad:

User information:

Clever Control offers pie charts that show different types of user activity over time as a visual representation of user activity. This tool also shows which programs users have used and how much time they have invested in each.

Web pages:

This feature only tracks user visits to specific websites. It creates a continuous record of the web pages the user has visited, making it easier for administrators to view restricted content.


Clever Control automatically captures screenshots when users switch between tasks at regular intervals. This allows administrators to analyze user behavior at any time, even if they are not actively observing a particular user. You can download and save these screenshots for future reference and permanent preservation.


Live webcam:

You can turn on the user’s camera to see where they are and what they’re doing in real time. This can be a trick to catch a user in the act if you have reason to believe they are blatantly violating corporate policies. They will be aware that your camera is remotely enabled and live webcam can also slow down your computer.

User activity:

This shows the start and end times of each user session and idle period. This feature is essential to keep administrators informed of who is working diligently and who is working diligently.

Live view:

You can see a snapshot of the user’s monitor that updates every few seconds in near real time. While we were writing this review, Clever Control was watching our computer and there was almost no lag between when we typed text and when it was displayed in Clever Control’s live view interface. As we went from window to window, it worked very similarly.


Keyboard Events (Mac version only):

Clever Control monitors the program the user is using while recording every keystroke. For example, if a user types in a Microsoft Word document, Clever Control will not only display a detailed record of each keystroke and the fact that they were made in Microsoft Word, it will also record the file name of the document being typed. .


This tool tracks keywords that a worker enters into any of the major search engines.

Direct messaging activity:

Clever Control creates a list of conversations of users of Telegram and WhatsApp, among other messaging services. View chat participants to see what they said during the conversation.

Clipboard contents (Mac version only):

The clipboard tool tracks any text that users copy to the clipboard while logged in and the original application from which the content was copied.

Social media:

This program monitors the user’s online behavior during operation. It covers major and minor platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Google Plus.

Program activity:

The software displays a timestamp for each program the user launched during the session and a list of all running applications. Apps and programs that run in the background fall into this category.


Printer activity:

Every print job sent to the printer is included in this tool, along with a timestamp.

External storage activity:

This tool helps you protect your company’s confidential data by keeping an eye out for malware or other infections that may have been introduced.

Installed applications:

You can use this tool to test any third-party software users may have configured or run.

Website blocker:

Administrators can easily assess all cases of users trying to access a banned website using the website blocker tool.

Clever Control prices:

The pricing packages available from Clever Control are quite flexible. The cost is determined by the total number of devices you want to license (a minimum of five devices is required), and you can choose a subscription duration of three months, six months, one year. It is possible to buy a license for 1 device, but only for 1 year. Of course, the monthly fee per device is cheaper the longer the subscription.

Clever Control costs $5 per device each month for an annual membership for at least five devices, costing $282. For such a comprehensive tool, we found it to be competitively priced among the best employee tracking software we examined.

Use the price calculator on the Clever Control website to get an estimate for your unique business circumstances and see a breakdown of all your alternatives.


We know it’s important to know how experts rate employee tracking software in their reviews and whether companies and individuals who have purchased the program are satisfied. Clever Control developed its behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm to bring together Clever Control analytics, feedback and analytics from various social media platforms to solve this problem.

The information is then presented in an easy-to-understand manner, showing the proportion of customers who have had positive and negative experiences with Clever Control. With this knowledge at your disposal, you should be able to decide if you can trust him.


Clever Control customer support:

Clever Control’s customer service team primarily uses the ticketing system, as do most of the other employee tracking software systems in our evaluation. You are given a unique support ticket system number that you can use to track the progress of your help request and any feedback from the technical support team.

Along with the ticketing system, Clever Control keeps a record of every request you’ve ever made and how it’s been handled in the past. In addition, the company has an FAQ section on its website to help you solve the most common problems yourself.

Customer cases:

With the help of Clever Control, you can monitor and control the computer usage of all your employees. You can essentially see what your employees are doing with their computers in real time, including the websites they visit, chat sessions they have with their teams and managers, shared files, storage devices and solutions, and more.

Clever Control can see everything that happens on all computers in your network, even those scattered around the world, from any angle. With this ability, you can enable your team to work efficiently and consistently and achieve outstanding results.

Faster delivery of high-quality work due to increased productivity and efficiency leads to happier customers and improves business expansion. Clever Control helps ensure that working hours are used for work because time is a valuable resource.

In addition, it helps track and stop illicit activities, including information theft, data leakage, and unauthorized access to classified or confidential information. Clever Control helps investigate these situations, speeding up the process and leading an audit trail to find the source or perpetrator.

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