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Friday, August 12, 2022

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Entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses often overlook or ignore the importance of good sales copywriting when it comes to doing business online (which is a huge mistake).

Copywriting strategy acts as a driving tool for all related elements involved in digital marketing activities.

Although often overlooked, good sales copy can turn an online business into a revenue giant.

And considering that e-commerce is on the rise recently (and also very competitive), the relevance of this link between texts and online business is undoubtedly the most important.

This is because good copy, in any virtual store, serves to attract, engage and retain users within the site.

With the right instructions and the use of mental triggers, we can direct them to the final step: the purchase.

What is sales copywriting?

Copywriting for sales is a persuasive strategy that aims to apply a set of techniques used in texts, always aimed at the customer, to help them in the decision-making process – to buy, that is, to sell more!

But this writing doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate. It just needs to contain elements that spark interest in your persona to generate a conversion.

And be sure that the correct placement of each word within the text makes a big difference: it can generate the expected conversion or a person’s disinterest – in the latter case, the potential client may opt for the competition.

Where to apply copywriting and sell more?

The copy strategy should be applied to all texts in your online store, such as CTA buttons, product descriptions, headlines, ads, slogans and any other promotional materials you create.

But attention: it is undoubtedly an important strategy to attract the public and make them buy more from your company, but remember the importance of bringing relevant information to users. Sales copywriting should add value.

Four sales copywriting tips you can apply to your e-commerce business

No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t know how to write a compelling copy, you won’t be successful in sales.

Then I’ll give you four simple tips to master the art of sales copy and grow your business in no time.

1) Create a strong headline and hook

The first step in writing a successful copy is to start with a headline and a strong hook.

A killer headline, which we call clickbait, draws people in and piques their interest in absorbing your message, encouraging them to keep reading.

2) Talk about your benefits, not just price

You need to communicate the benefits of your products in order for your sales copy to attract your prospects. The best way to do this is to highlight the pain points.

Pain points are areas of your clients’ lives that cause physical, emotional or mental pain. What does your customer want? Why does he have this problem? What does he have to lose if you don’t help him with this?

Consumers are always looking for a specific solution to their problems (even if they don’t know what they need yet).

They don’t want to know what they can do when they buy your clothes, for example; they want to know how much it will affect their life (for the better) when they have it.

3) Be simple, clear and concrete

A copywriter’s job is to tell people the value of your brand and why they should be interested in doing business with your company.

While good storytelling requires unique angles and descriptive adjectives, don’t worry about every sentence being deep or poetic. This will only distract from the main thing: selling.

Give preference to short sentences (one idea per sentence), which are easy to remember, avoid platitudes and, above all, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Put the same language into your texts that you would use to convince someone to buy from you in real life.

4) Use and abuse mental triggers

Mental triggers are stimuli that our brain receives and that influence our decision-making.

Tell me, isn’t this an ideal technique when we want to increase online sales?

Many big brand campaigns go above and beyond by designing promotions so that the person feels motivated to buy the product. Perhaps, without this incentive, the person would not have taken this action.

There are numerous mental triggers and strategies applicable in marketing:

Scarcity Trigger: able to activate the feeling that a person is missing something valuable or a great opportunity. Last units, get yours now.

Authorization Trigger: If you want your customers to trust your company and service, all of your attitudes and behaviors in e-commerce must be aligned so that your actions show authority.

News trigger: attracts attention with messages like “Check out our new products”; “News brought to you from the USA”.

Urgency Trigger: as well as scarcity, when we see that there is a limited supply, it creates a sense of a unique opportunity that we cannot miss. “Valid only for the next 24 hours”.

Social Proof Trigger: We are beings completely influenced by the opinions of others, so invest in customer testimonials and, if possible, a campaign with digital influencers in your niche.

Reciprocity Trigger: it gives the feeling that we are “earning” something by buying that brand. “Buy a T-shirt and get a cap as a gift”.


Sales copywriting must be clear and objective and ensure that the message reaches the user perfectly, without ambiguity or misunderstanding, encouraging him to buy.

In addition, the text must be attractive and able to evoke emotions and feelings in the audience.

In other words: write as if you bought your product/service and want other people to discover and buy it.

Remember to try to inspire your customers with persuasive text, build a relationship of trust with them and convince them to take action on your product or service.

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