The police are investigating whether the medical student harassed other children in DF

published 01/09/2022 20:58 / updated 01/09/2022 21:54

(credit: Valdo Virgo/CB/DA Press)

Accused of soliciting “naked” minors, the 30-year-old medical student, who was arrested this Wednesday (31/08) by the Federal District Civil Police (PCDF), may have killed two more victims in the capital. This is what the delegate of the 4th DP (Guará 2) Guilherme Sousa Melo is investigating. In June 2021, the investigation began when the mother of a boy (12), a resident of Guara, noticed several sexual conversations with a person identified as “SHERMAN” on his cell phone.

The pedophile talked to the victims via WhatsApp
The pedophile talked to the victims via WhatsApp
(photo: reproduction)

Under investigation for the rape of a vulnerable person and for the distribution and consumption of child pornography, the suspect was arrested in Barra do Garças (MT). In addition to the preventive deprivation of liberty, the suspect’s house located in the city of Mato Grosso was also searched and confiscated.

Analyzing the conversations, the mother saw that they had started talking a month before, during online games in which her son was playing. In the conversations conducted through the chats of the Mine Craft game and the WhatsApp application, the minor was lured by the pedophile to send nude photos in sensual poses, while he received pornographic videos and photos of prisoners.

In January 2021, the suspect left the country before his arrest and fled to Bolivia, getting rid of his cell phone and computer. He studies medicine in Bolivia and returned to Brazil for a medical procedure. 4. PD concluded that data from electronic equipment revealed evidence of sending files to residents of Belgium and Bolivia. In the action, the author’s mobile phone and computer were confiscated.

“The game was a bait for him to get closer to the minors, gain their trust and ask for videos,” explains delegate Guilherme Sousa Melo. As soon as he gained the children’s trust, the suspect gave a mobile phone number registered in the name of third parties and started sending and receiving recordings.

Concealment of identity in games

Working on gaming platforms, the civil police discovered that the author used several phone lines registered under other names, one of which was his mother’s. Some of the dialogues were extracted from the computer of the headquarters of the company where he worked, located in Barra do Garças-MT. In the same city, there are records of locations that the author sent to one of the minors, when he invited him to have sex. If convicted, the respondents could receive from three to 15 years in prison.

Guidelines for parents and guardians

President of the Commission for the Defense of the Rights of Children, Adolescents and Young People of the Federal District Department of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/DF), Charles Bicca advises parents that the rule not to talk to strangers, neither on the street nor on the Internet, still applies to minors. “These abusers always use a fake profile, according to the profile of the victim. So, if they need to impersonate a child, they will impersonate themselves on social networks and in online games,” he points out.

Charles warns parents to be careful and forbid their children from sending photos or videos to unknown people and to pay attention to the applications installed on children’s mobile phones. “The most important thing is a relationship of trust with that child, always with the supervision of an adult to know what that minor is accessing. If abuse occurs, you should explain what is happening, welcome the child, write down the conversation and report it,” he advises.

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