The free market increases sales of products from Brazilian biomes

photo: André Porto

During the month of September, Mercado Livre is running another campaign to promote products from Brazilian biodiversity. with a motto Biomes on clickthis edition gathers around 800 sustainable objects made by projects that contribute to the valorization and preservation of four Brazilian biomes: the Amazon, the Caatinga, the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest.

In partnership with several organizations, the platform aims to connect consumers with social biodiversity entrepreneurs, facilitating the online purchase of products that generate income for local populations while preserving the biomes in which they reside. In this edition, more than 80 brands can be found on a page created exclusively for the campaign, which gathers articles from gastronomy, fashion, crafts and others.

This is the third year in a row that sociobiodiversity organizations have joined the Mercado Livre to promote the sale of these products in the month of Amazon and Cerrado Days. One of the main partners of the initiative is the Amazônia em Casa Floresta em Pé program, whose ventures are on the Free Market platform, along with Idesam, AMAZ, Climate Ventures and Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia, Conexsus, Instituto Auá and Central do Cerrado.

free market biomes
photo: André Porto

The campaign contributes to Mercado Livre’s purpose of democratizing e-commerce and is part of the company’s sustainability strategy, which seeks to support the digital inclusion of positive impact entrepreneurs and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives for conservation and renewal.

“By strengthening the commercial strategy and giving visibility to these companies, we contribute to the generation of income and the preservation of the socio-biodiversity of these biomes”, points out Laura Motta, Senior Manager for Sustainability at Mercado Livre. “We want to combine the knowledge of the forest, which creates wealth and environmental protection, with the knowledge of the free market in marketing and logistics to encourage the positive effects of these entrepreneurs, often unknown to most Brazilians,” he adds.


Since 2020, through the Empreender com Impacto + Biomas program (Empreender com Impacto + Biomas), Mercado Livre promotes companies related to socio-biological diversity to be able to access markets and expand the benefits they generate in the communities where they operate. This year, the platform opened 30 new vacancies for this program, which promotes projects and, consequently, the conservation of four Brazilian biomes: the Amazon, the Caatinga, the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest.

In total, more than 100 enterprises have already received training in sales, commercial strategy, logistics and digital marketing. In addition, these brands receive individual mentorships from Consultoria Giral, collective mentorships with platform experts, visibility in the sustainable products section and other benefits of the Mercado Livre ecosystem.

free market biomes
photo: André Porto

“With the growth of e-commerce, digital inclusion has become extremely relevant and necessary to guarantee revenue generation for entrepreneurs. Realizing that commercialization and logistics are bottlenecks, Mercado Livre has put its ecosystem at the service of these ventures, becoming an important ally for the digitalization of business and guaranteeing competitive price and delivery time,” adds Laura.

Last year alone, 90 businesses benefited: 49 were located in the Amazon, 18 in the Cerrado and 23 in the Atlantic Forest, focusing mainly on the food and beverage, handicrafts and cosmetics categories. In addition, more than 50% of the managers of these companies are black, about 12% are indigenous, and more than half are women. The initiative is already repeated in Argentina and Mexico, in partnership with the Avina Foundation.

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Among the 80 companies participating in this year’s campaign are Luisa Abrahm, Jambuzeira, Café Apuí Agroflorestal and Deveras, from Amazonia; along Central do Cerrado, Bioporã, Sitio Boca do Mato, Cerrado and Caatinga; and Lavigne, Frescor da Mantiqueira and Cerâmicas Baluarte, from the Atlantic Forest.

“Programs like Amazônia em Casa and Empreender com Impacto help businesses understand and access the market, strengthening both ends of this production chain,” comments Floriana Breyer, coordinator of the Amazônia em Casa Floresta em Pé program, incubated by Climate Ventures, Idesam and AMAZ .

free market biomes
photo: André Porto

“By providing visibility and offering logistics solutions, we are still structuring demand and generating sales, directly impacting the manufacturing base. Valuing bioactive substances and local knowledge helps preserve forests and avoid predatory activities such as deforestation,” he adds.

Mariano Cenamo, CEO of AMAZ and Director of New Business at Idesamo, also comments that “Amazon in the Casa Floresta em Pé program and the Free Market, from 2020, are leading efforts to open new markets for Amazon’s business, despite the challenges of logistics and access to unique markets in the region. And this movement is now spreading to other biomes through the free market”.

The ‘Biomis a click’ campaign

Date: from 02 to 30 September 2022

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