The city is investing in new IT equipment

With the aim of providing more agility and quality in service delivery, while further improving services to the Aracajuan community, the City Hall of Aracajuan has acquired 123 computers and laptops that will be deployed in various folders of the municipal executive. The equipment was purchased with the Municipality’s own funds collected through auctions of unusable goods conducted in recent years.

The action is also part of the modernization process foreseen in the municipality’s strategic planning and, for Mayor Edvaldo Nogueira, “the acquisition of this new equipment with funds collected at auctions of unusable assets shows three important characteristics of our management: planning, creativity and investment in technology. The result of this is the improvement of the working conditions of our servers, with repercussions on the lives of the population, which starts to provide a better and more efficient service”, he points out.

A total of eight secretaries have already received new machines, and additional equipment will be delivered by October, a total of 103 computers and 20 laptops. The purchase was made possible with funds from the auction of unusable assets conducted by the Department for Communal Planning, Budgeting and Management (Seplog). According to the portfolio manager, Augusto Fábio Oliveira, investing in technologies is fundamental to improving and optimizing the services provided by the municipal administration.

“This action is part of the modernization process foreseen in the Strategic Plan of the administration of Mayor Edvaldo Nogueira, and the funds were transferred from the auctions conducted in the years 2017 to 2022. More than R$ 870 thousand was invested in the purchase of new equipment that covers the strategic areas of the city hall. It is a way of increasing work optimization, reducing the execution time of work processes managed by each body”, explains Augusto Fábio.

According to Municipal Public Prosecutor (PGM), Sidney Amaral Cardos, equipment modernization is an important component of the public prosecutor’s routine. “We live in the reality of virtual processes, and this concern for improving not only systems, but also equipment and machines is very important for the functioning of the Municipal State Attorney’s Office. In this sense, the initiative and unity of the Board is to be commended. It is a sign of innovative and creative management, which is always looking for resources to satisfy the public interest”, he points out.

The Secretary General of the Chief Municipal Controller (CGM), Eliziário Sobral, praised the initiative.

“The Controllership received the delivery of six new and modern computers, the procurement of which was possible through auctions of those products that were no longer useful to the city of Aracaj. We congratulate Seplog and hope that it will continue on this path, bringing more benefits and invaluable services to the citizens”, emphasizes Eliziário.

On the other hand, the municipal secretary for social defense and citizenship (Semdec), lieutenant colonel Silvio Prado, celebrated the arrival of the equipment, including the bodies that make up the secretariat.

“This investment in technology will increase work in sectors such as Civil Defence, Procon, Junta Militar and Municipal Guard. The new machines are there to strengthen the Secretariat and make our processes better and better, as well as the service to our public, providing them with a better service”, believes Silvio.


Since 2017, the Municipality of Aracaju has already held nine auctions of goods that are no longer used by the municipal administration, but are generally useful for trade, through Seplog. The total amount collected at the competitions was R$ 874,530.00. According to the Commission responsible for holding the competition, “this year’s second edition is already being organized and should be held in September this year”.

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