The Center for Vocational Education offers free courses in September

Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 4:46 p.m

Learn how to apply and secure one of 800 job vacancies for opportunities in a wide variety of professional fields

Among the courses available are computer maintenance and shop assistant, human resources assistant, telemarketing and business communication (Photo: Getty Images)

ON Vocational Training Center (CFP) from the University of Fortaleza, from Edson Queiroz Foundationannounces the third block of free professional courses for 2022. Enrollment will take place on September 6 (Tuesday), from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and classes begin on the 12th of the month.

will be offered 800 vacancies, divided into 22 courses, with a total of 25 hours. The initiative, aimed at the socially disadvantaged community, will have classroom, mixed and virtual classes, depending on the chosen field. In this block, vacancies will be offered for classes in event organization, leadership and management of people, and digital entrepreneurship.

Face-to-face courses will be held at Unifor; the semi-presentational ones will have remote classes, and some of them will be direct at the institution. All evening courses will be held online.

Find out how to apply

Those interested must fill in the information in the available form in this link within the registration period. If the person is not yet registered, they must enter their CPF and password and click on the “I’m not registered” button to access the form.

Only one registration per person is allowed in one training course (in case of more than one registration in each modality, it will be automatically cancelled); the registrant must agree to all requirements and be aware that, in case of conflicting information, his registration will be cancelled. The number of places is limited and according to the order of access.

registration requirements

  • Being in a situation of social vulnerability (which may arise due to: housing, low level of education, unemployment, monthly income up to one minimum wage and/or beneficiaries of state social programs);
  • They have at least completed elementary school;
  • be 16 years of age or older;
  • Current monthly income in the amount of up to one minimum wage;
  • Not being a student;
  • Have access to equipment with a camera and microphone such as a cell phone, laptop or computer to participate in online classes (if the class is online or blended).

About the Center for professional training

The Professional Development Center is an initiative of the Edson Queiroz Foundation, linked to the Unifor Vice-Rectorate for Extension, through the Department of Social Responsibility of the University of Fortaleza. The initiative aims to promote the professional training of people in a situation of social vulnerability and their inclusion in the labor market, through the offer of free technical and vocational courses.

offered courses

  • Public service (morning) | PRESENTATION
  • Pharmacy clerk (morning) | PRESENTATION
  • HR Assistant (Morning) | PRESENTATION
  • Conflict Management and Customer Service (afternoon) | PRESENTATION
  • Sanitization and food handling (morning) | PRESENTATION
  • Leadership and people management (afternoon) | PRESENTATION
  • Computer maintenance (morning) | PRESENTATION
  • Event organization (morning) | PRESENTATION
  • Administrative assistant (morning) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Administrative assistant (afternoon) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Kitchen assistant (afternoon) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Pharmacy clerk (afternoon) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Entrepreneurship and business management (afternoon) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Children’s playground (afternoon) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Merchant (Morning) | SEMI PRESENTATION
  • Quality Control Assistant (morning) | ON THE LINE
  • Telemarketing service (afternoon) | ON THE LINE
  • HR assistant (night) | ON THE LINE
  • Business communication (Night) | ON THE LINE
  • Basic accounting for small entrepreneurs (night) | ON THE LINE
  • Digital entrepreneurship (Night) | ON THE LINE
  • Starting and developing a small business (night) | ON THE LINE
  • Starting and developing a small business (night) | ON THE LINE
  • Conflict Management and Customer Service (afternoon) | ON THE LINE
  • Cashier (Night) | ON THE LINE

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