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Computers with foldable screens, lots of monitors, TVs, gadgets for all tastes and solutions for a smarter and more sustainable home, with lower energy consumption and connectivity of all things. These are some of the highlights of IFA 2022 that SAPO TEK follows, with pre-conferences and media days.

The fair officially starts today, which lasts from September 2 to 6opening the doors to the public, which has not been done at IFA in Berlin since 2019. In 2020, the organization decided to make a more controlled edition, in the “interval” of the worst peaks of the pandemic that spread across Europe since March of that year, but in 2021 it even decided to cancel events due to the uncertainty of the situation.

Are they more than 1,100 exhibitors from more than 45 countries, and occupying a fair space of more than 150,000 square meters. Despite the numbers, there are dropouts, and the most visible is Sony, which used to occupy the entire pavilion 20, where IFA Next is now, focused on entrepreneurship and innovative projects.

The organization is confident in this release and highlights the opportunities for the industry. “I believe that the fair is being held at a crucial time, because it is more important than ever for the industry to be able to meet face to face and reconnect,” he defended. David Ruetz, Head of IFA at the opening of the conference. The realization of IFA 2022 also takes place at a special moment, when Messe de Berlin, which hosts several trade fairs, is celebrating its 200th anniversary.

Public support has yet to be assessed, but yesterday, on a day reserved for journalists, the movement of journalists was intense, despite many stands are still in assembly and configuration mode.

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Some of pMajor brands have already started to reveal this year’s news at press conferences, and Asus announced the launch of its first computer with a foldable screen, the ZenBook 17 Fold. TCL has announced glasses that turn into a 140-inch screen and new TVs, while Samsung has updates on its all-device connectivity platform SmartThings and is looking to help lower electricity bills for families.

Also, LG has already presented new devices, monitors and TVs, while Huawei is bringing the new MateBook X Pro laptop, MatePad Pro tablet and nova 10 smartphone to the fair.

As is customary at IFA, much of the attention is focused on consumer electronics, anticipating the strongest sales period which usually coincides with the end of the year and Christmas. The outlook is cautious this year, with the effects of the war in Ukraine and the effects on supply chains and the impact of price increases, meaning many consumers are delaying purchasing decisions.

Brands have also adapted their communication and, in addition to promoting smarter and more connected products, with new features, more performance and renewed design, this year, one of the key messages is the reduction of energy consumptionnot only because of the concern for sustainability, but also because of the guarantee of savings on the ever-increasing bill.

This year IFA was created and wanted to give more space to computers and games, which gained a more consistent presence at the show, etc.ried IFA Computing & Gaming. In fact, he gave the new name IFA MyMedia to bring together companies in this area, but apparently it didn’t work as an “aggregator” and some of the main companies ended up scattered across the various pavilions.

IFA Computing & Gaming is just one of several areas the organization has created, including IFA NEXT, this year with 120 startups, SHIFT Mobility where car manufacturers are present and BERLIN PHOTO WEEK. THE IFA Global Marketswhere the component manufacturers are located and which in recent years has taken place elsewhere, albeit on the same dates, it is smaller due to the absence of Asian exhibitors, but IFA says it has reinforcements from other countries, such as Turkey.

Those who wish to follow remotely can attend the conferences online or use IFA platform get to know the exhibitors better.

More news is expected today with a public opening and more conferences planned. SAPO TEK will continue to look for the main innovations and the most unusual gadgets at the fair, as well as the Portuguese who are present at IFA 2022. Follow all the news in our IFA 2022 Special.

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