How to shop in Shopee on mobile phone and computer?

Learn how to shop at Shopee on your mobile phone and also on your computer, securely and receive your product in the comfort of your home. We have prepared this simple and very practical tutorial for that.

Shopee is an Asian e-commerce platform known worldwide, it arrived in Brazil in 2019 and basically acts as an intermediary between sellers and consumers. It has become a strong competitor to big well-known companies, such as Wish and AliExpress.

Consumers can shop directly through the browser or the app. To give you an idea of ​​the popularity, your app alone has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the Play Store and has a rating of 4.5 stars.

Either on the website or the app, you can find almost anything, be it electronics, home appliances, furniture, toys, accessories, etc. Interestingly, the products have more affordable prices than other places.

Plus, free shipping is available on many eligible items. Do you want to know how to shop in shopee? Check out the content below!

How to buy on shopee?

By computer

  • Access the shopee website, but if you do not have registration yet, go to the option “Register” and follow the steps. You will be able to sign in with your email account;
  • Tap your profile picture to add your personal information.
  • Go to the search bar at the top and search for the product you want;
  • Once you have found your product, click on it. After that inform the color and others if you have and press “Buy now
  • Tap on “Continue” and add your address information and tap “submit“;
  • Enter your CPF and select a payment method, then tap “make a wish

Via mobile application

  • Go to the Shopee app and open it;
  • Then tap on “apply“, if you already have an account. Or tap “Register“, if you don’t already have an account;
  • Go to the search field and enter the name of the desired product. You can also search by category if you want;
  • Touch the product you want;
  • Press “Buy now“;
  • Confirm the product quantity, color and other information, if any, and go to “Buy now“;
  • View delivery options, value and other information and verify that they are correct;
  • Tap on “Choose a payment method“, and select one of the options, then go to “Confirm“;
  • Finally tap on “Make a wish“.

Shopee: How to shop with free shipping? It is possible to use the coupon for free delivery, only in purchases through the application and with a value greater than R$ 29.00. But before you even complete your purchase, you need to apply the shipping discount coupon. To do this, just press “Coupon Shopee”.

Is shopping on shopee safe?

Shopee operates as an e-commerce store where there are products with competitive prices. It is possible to shop safely on the platform by browsing several product categories, and payment can be made by credit card or even bank statement.

Searching Reclama Aqui, on the date we are preparing this article, it is possible to see that the company’s rating is 7.4. That is, it is considered good. In addition, 99.3% of complaints have been answered to date.

But even though we know that the company is serious and reliable, it is important to be aware of the reputation of any seller you buy from. This is because the buyer has several sellers.

Is it worth shopping on Shopee?

As we have seen, buying something on shopee is very easy and the site is safe. But as far as the product is concerned, it is important to pay attention to some aspects of the technical sheet and analyze whether it is really worth buying or not.

When searching, I was able to find great products, from Multilaser laptops to Xiaomi cell phones.

It also has a few products that are really cheap and can be a great buy. This way we understand that Shopee is reliable and in some cases worth buying.

That being said, please also leave your thoughts here in the comments!

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