Care failures in health care units in Campo Grande are being investigated

The MPMS (Public Ministry of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul) has opened civil investigations to examine the lapses in patient care at the UPA (Emergency Care Department) Coronel Antonino and three other health units. The notices were published in the Official Gazette this Friday (2).

In the case of UPA Coronel Antonino, in the district of the same name in the northern region of the capital, the 76th prosecutor’s office is investigating a possible lack of care for patients. The case began to be investigated in March after an anonymous tip.

The MPMS ombudsman received information that patients awaiting transfer were maintained and even fed with resources from servers assigned to the UPA. When patients are homeless, employees even pay for their hygiene and transportation.

In addition, the number of doctors on call decreases after 11 p.m., which disrupts the service. The complaint led to the establishment of de facto news, a preliminary investigation conducted by the MP.

Sesau (Municipal Health Department) was invited to provide clarification and was informed by letter that the preliminary technical study was approved for the purchase of food and hygiene products for patients.

In partnership with SAS (Municipal Secretary for Social Assistance), the children requested by the units have already been distributed to people in extreme social vulnerability, along with personal hygiene kits for patients on mechanical ventilation.

Regarding the small number of doctors after 11 p.m., Sesau informed the Prosecutor’s Office that the work recording system is hybrid, with an electronic signature of the working time records. It is up to the nurses to inform about the doctor’s absence.

Health units have structural problems and lack of staff and medicines

Other civil investigations were opened following a report presented by councilor André Luís Soares. The document reports on problems discovered during a USF (Department of Family Health) inspection of the Antônio Barbosa Home; USF José Tavares do Couto, in the Nova Lima district; and USF Jardim Maraba.

In March, the parliamentary office sent a letter to Attorney General Alexandre Magno Lacerda, informing him that Dom Antônio Barbosa’s unit had structural problems such as leaks and cracked floors, along with a lack of ventilation in the reception area. There would still be a lack of fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles.

In addition, one nurse, one nursing technician and two administrative technicians are missing. Prednisolone (syrup), dexamethasone for injection (injections), dexamethasone (ointment) and amoxicillin (tablets) are missing.

Sesau replied in the letter that new oxygen cylinders have already been delivered. As for other irregularities, the solution depended on the available financial resources and the completion of the tender.

In Nova Lima USF, there would be structural problems such as infiltration, cracks in walls and damaged facade. The reception would still be without a computer.

The prosecutor’s office conducted an inspection and found a shortage of prednisolone (syrup), amoxicillin (tablet), amoxicillin with clavulanate (tablet and oral suspension), nitrofurantoin (tablet), cephalexin (oral suspension), mineral oil and silver sulfadiazine (ointment). ) ).

A social worker, an ACS (Community Health Agent) and an administrative technician were also missing.

Sesau reported that the procurement of new equipment depends on the opening of tenders. Secomp (Executive Secretariat for State Procurement) added that the administrative procedure for the procurement of computers and laptops, which are in the budget reserve phase, is ongoing.

At USF Jardim Marabá, structural problems such as infiltration and the need to maintain the autoclave (a device for sterilizing medical materials and objects) and air conditioning equipment were found.

Dexamethasone (injections), bromopride (injections), b-complex (injections), lidocaine (injections), amoxicillin (tablets) and prednisolone are also missing, as well as pharmacists, a doctor, ACS and an administrative technician.

Sesau replied that minor repairs were made to the unit, apart from a contract for maintenance of the autoclave device. Regarding the air conditioning units, the responsible company included USF Jardim Marabá in the maintenance schedule.

In the end, the Prosecutor’s Office gave the secretariat a deadline of 20 days to report on the measures taken regarding all these irregularities.

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