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days after TAP announced that it was the victim of a cyber attackhacker group Ragnar Locker claims it will have stole the data of more than 400 thousand customers airline.

In today’s advanced statement, TAP admitted that they were “an organized cyber crime group has made claims that customer data has been stolen”which shows that it continues to be adopted “all appropriate containment and rehabilitation measures to protect the company and its customers”.

The hacking group claims to have obtained a huge set of sensitive data from TAP users, including names, date of birth, gender, e-mail addresses, addresses and telephone numberssharing a picture he claims serves as evidence of the attack.

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Remember the hacker group was behind it 2020 Capcom Ransomware Attack, where the data of 350,000 people were compromised. RagnarLocker ransomware was also used in the attack on EDP in April of that year, although the hacker group CyberTeam claimed responsibility for the attack.

In March of this year, the FBI revealed that the attack carried out by the group would have compromised the networks of at least 52 organizations of the 10 critical infrastructure sectors in the United States.

The type of attack suffered by TAP is still unknown and, as indicated Rui Duro, Country Manager at Check Point Software for SAPO TEK, “all the information available so far does not allow us to be sure what type of attack was carried out”.

Official details, however, “If it really is a ransomware attack, we could face one of 3 types of attacks”.

The first goes through an attack from “simple encryption of data and with a demand for a ransom to release and allow access to information”. Second of “encryption and blocking access to data” and extracting the samein a double extortion attack.

The third possibility, which Rui Duro described as the most critical, it goes “beyond hijacking and data blocking and data theft,” with cybercriminals launching attacks against entities that had information in the stolen database.

SAPO TEK has contacted the airline, as well as the National Center for Cyber ​​Security (CNCS), for more details on the measures being taken, however, we are still awaiting responses.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Although TAP has not confirmed the alleged data theft, it is normal that if you are a customer of the company, you feel concerned about where your personal data is. But are there measures you can take to try to alleviate the problems?

“The best measure you can take is always prevention, rather than treatment. At the moment, every measure that is being taken is just to fix what happened and to try to see if everything is going well,” says Rui Duro.

Changing passwords is an indispensable step, emphasizes the responsible person. It is important that you create unique, strong and complex passwords is that do not reuse them on different accounts.

Very simple strings of numbers and letters, names of family members, important dates and even the names of your favorite sports clubs or your pets must not be part of your password. In the gallery below, you can see some of the worst examples of passwords from the past year.

Need to change your password? Do not follow these examples

Remembering all the complex combinations you use as passwords can be difficult, but they do exist various online services that can help you to better manage the passwords you use.

In addition to changing passwords, you must carefully monitor the messages you receive, because in the event that your email address is stolen, it is very likely that you will start receiving more suspicious messages than usual.

Please note that there are certain spam and/or phishing messages that manage to bypass security measures and end up in your main mailbox. So, you should carefully review the email addresses of messages before opening them and do not click on links or attachments that you consider suspicious.

The same rules apply to communication on other platforms. Whether it’s instant messages, SMS or even calls: to be suspicious of anything that looks suspicious.

And in case the theft of TAP data is confirmed? Rui Duro states that, in addition to changing passwords, it is recommended that pay attention to “all emails you may receive from a brand, first trying to confirm whether or not it was indeed sent by the brand and never immediately clicking on the links sent”.

If it turns out that the bank details registered on the platform have also been stolen, pay special attention to the movement of the respective accountsalert the relevant person and contact your bank if you notice an unusual situation.

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