Alexandre Moura’s column: Brazil and Spain

A very interesting partnership is provided by CONFAP – the National Council of State Foundations for Research Support and CDTI (Center for Industrial-Technological Development) from Spain. CONFAP brings together all the FAPs (Fundações de Amparo a Pesquisa) of the state and agreement with CDTI it is another opportunity for “cooperation projects in research and technological innovation between Brazil and Spain” to have access to financial resources from both countries.

Public call CONFAP & CDTI 2022-2023. includes projects lasting from 12 to 36 months, with the aim of supporting proposals from any economic sector.

According to information from CONFAP, proposals must necessarily include “the participation of a Brazilian entity (company, university or research center, depending on the eligibility requirements of the FAP involved) together with a Spanish company, linked through a Cooperation Agreement, and entities from another country they can also participate in the same project”.

Brazil and Spain (II)

According to the rules of the agreement concluded by CONFAP i CDTI, “State research support foundations may also request additional eligibility criteria (from Brazilian participants) for the submission of projects, which, in such cases, meet the specific guidelines and particularities of each FAP”. Proposal submission has three different deadlines. The first was on September 16. The second, April 20, 2023 and the third and final deadline, September 15, 2023. More information about the grant CDTI to brazilian projects, you can get from mrs. Maria del Pilar Miguel Ortega, representative CDTI in Brazil, through electronic mail: [email protected]. It is worth noting that CDTI is a BRAFIP partner on the “BRAFIP call for ideas – ALETI 2022”, for the application of “Ideas and projects for collaborative RD&I” (Research, development and innovation in a collaborative way), which is open until September 11. You can get more information on how to participate in this call at:

Digital microcredit

The sanction of “Law no. 14.438/2022” was published in the DOU – Diário Oficial da União, establishing the “Digital Microcredit Simplification Program for Entrepreneurs”, the so-called “Digital SIM”. The new law derives from “Temporary Measure” 1107/2022, with the following objectives: “a) to create incentives for the formalization of work and entrepreneurship; b) encourage financial inclusion and access to loans for entrepreneurs who are excluded from the financial system; ic) expand the guarantee mechanisms for the approval of production microcredits to entrepreneurs, including through the National Program of directed production microcredits”. Loan amounts range from R$ 1,500.00 to R$ 4,500.00, which can be used for productive activities, with a maximum repayment term of 24 months. It is about financing exclusively for “natural persons and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) who do not have an active credit business as of January 31, 2022”. The guarantee for the loan will be from FGM – Microfinance Guarantee Fund.

“Process suspended”

After four years of a multi-million dollar legal “fight”, between a group of American citizens (consumers) and a technology company Meta Platforms Incthe owner of the “social networking platform Facebook”, seems to be coming to an end. The federal judge (Court of the City of San Francisco, California) presiding over the case (dealing with the consumer’s claim that ” Facebook violated laws on privacy of personal data, sharing the data of its users with third parties”), suspended the process for 60 days, while the lawyers of the authors and Meta Platforms Inch, conclude a written agreement to resolve the dispute, based on the company’s proposed financial compensation. The value of the possible agreement, proposed by the lawyers Meta Platforms Inc, not detected. Behind the scenes, it is said that the proposal is worth “several hundred million dollars”. In the coming weeks, more information should “appear” in the world press.

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