The adventures of Nina Tassi and physical education

Anyone who knows Nina, even if only through social networks, is moved by her passion for physical education. Her words with such love and her social awareness inspire many people who follow her, online or in life.

Today, September 1, marks the year Professional day of physical educationwhich is a part of the life and history of many people, and one of those people is Nina.

Nina Tassi (25) graduated in physical education from Unicamp. Honestly, I chose Physical Education because my mom said it was my style and it would be a good choice, so I went,” he says jokingly. She says she made the decision on the day of the entrance exam – and you will soon see that her success was decided by other choices “at the last minute”.

Despite having doubts about what to study, Nina was always involved in sports, and she was very fond of gymnastics. “But I did volleyball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics – everything possible – I did circus gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, in short, I always loved sports very much,” he says. At first, the idea of ​​entering the field was to work with High Performance Sports, but during graduation he fell in love with education.

Live and learn

Nina’s dream was to go to a state college to participate in the Science without Borders exchange program. But unfortunately, the project ended a year before her enrollment at the university, in 2015. But all is not lost! Unicamp has connections with other universities around the world and maintains a project of taking students to study in other countries.

Nina tried to register as often as she could, at least four times – three for Portugal, one for Spain. And for the first time he tried to apply for Italy, in the last possible semester, and on the last possible day, unpretentiously, she passed first.

In Italy, Nina studied at the University of Turin. “I ended up taking two courses: one on pedagogy, within the Physical Education course, and one on Engineering and Preventive Medicine, which is also part of the course at the university there.”

And he didn’t stop

The exchange to Italy took place in the first half of 2019, and at the end of the experience he returned to Unicamp to complete the course. At the beginning of 2020, she started working as a teacher at a private school in Campinas. Right at the beginning of the school year, the coronavirus arrived in Brazil, which started a long-term pandemic.

Unsure of her job and online classes, a friend advised Nina to apply to work on cruise ships. The teacher was interested, applied and even conducted interviews, but due to the pandemic in the world at that time it would not be possible to work on cruise ships.

However, one of the recruitment companies has started selecting candidates to work at the resorts in Brazil that remain open. In December 2020, they sent a proposal for Nina to be part of the recreation team at a resort in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

“I said: ‘why not!’, I’m tired of working in a private school, I didn’t like that experience. In the second week of January (2021), I was already in Florianópolis to go to the resort.”

However, Nina worked as a recreational worker, a field that does not shine in the eyes, and she asked to leave. Since she already had an online yoga course project for a year, which exploded during the pandemic, the resort invited her to act only as a practice teacher, which she did until the end of 2021.

living yoga

Nina’s passion for spirit and body prompted her to start the project at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vivendo Yoga held online classes for R$5, which were converted into the purchase of food, which the teacher delivered to social institutions in the region. The success was so great that Nina presented the project at National Congress on Quality of Life. The project lasted from June to December 2020.

Physical education in international waters

During her experience living and working in physical education in Florianópolis, Nina received an offer to work on a cruise ship. The idea was to do sports and recreation on a boat in the United States.

The first step was to accept the offer, but Nina says that the process of documentation and examinations until arriving on the cruise was exhausting, tiring and expensive. Also, to make the situation even more complicated, Nina was negative for Covid when she left Brazil, but was positive when she got on the ship.

So, instead of a 7-day quarantine, as was imposed on everyone in the team, she had to stay for 10 days, trapped in a room without windows and without a balcony. “It was chaotic! There was no air, it was very complicated. In a place where no one speaks your language, everyone with an accent. It was scary, very complicated.”

Finally, Nina came out of quarantine, and her experience of working on a cruise ship can be summed up as: “exhausting”. According to her, the team worked for 10 to 12 hours, every day of the week, in training and in the water, under the sun. “But the staff were wonderful, they were very welcoming, the relationship was really good.”

Love for the classroom

Nina arrived on the cruise in the last week of January 2022, and in the last week of March, she received an invitation for a public tender to which she – surprisingly – applied in 2018, while still at university. “I didn’t even expect more.”

“It was a matter of days, I received an invitation on Tuesday, and on Saturday I went to Brazil. Everything was very fast. After I arrived in Brazil, it was very difficult for me emotionally to deal with all that,” he says.

Today, Nina teaches Physical Education for children from the 1st to the 5th grade of elementary school, and she had an unexpected vision. “It has been quite difficult so far, the reality of public schools is quite complex. There are people who are fine, there are people who haven’t lost anyone to Covid, there are people who have something to eat at every meal, but there are people who don’t.”

‘I believe in what I do’

The teacher told stories about many students who go to school with lunch as the main meal of the day. “There was a class where I talked with them about dreams and how important it is to dream big dreams. The girl said that her lifelong dream is to eat a McDonald’s snack. Oh my god, huh? How violent is this. A child’s lifelong dream is something so attainable. For me it’s something simple. But it was a very, very satisfying thing to do, I don’t regret for a second that I left the ship and came here.”

On social networks, Nina shares some of her classes with children, and points out that taking care of the spirit is also taking care of the body. Its dynamics include teamwork, solidarity, friendship and lots of love. Above all, Nina believes in public education.

“I’ve always studied in public school and also in college, I studied at a public university, I went on an exchange program with a scholarship, through a public university. So I owe every opportunity, everything I managed to study and everything I am to public institutions in which I believe a lot, and that’s why I’m here. I believe in what I do and I really enjoy it.

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