September 1 is Corinthians Day. See the commemoration dates for today, Thursday

Today is September 1! It is not a holiday, but a day with important commemorations. Then learn a little more about each one and find phrases to share with whoever you want.

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When is September 1st?

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In 2022, September 1 falls on a Thursday. There are 244 days in the year. So today is 2023 in 121 days, and it’s winter and the Moon phase is young. In any case, those born on September 1 are Virgos.

Today is the first day of the ninth month of the year! Take the opportunity to see all the holidays and commemorations of the month in the calendar for September 2022. There you will also find tips on content to post on your social networks!

What is today’s horoscope?

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What is the zodiac sign for those born on September 1?

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Those born on August 25 are Virgos. Without a doubt, Virgos are known for being perfectionists and have a passion for organization and cleanliness.

Also, those with this sign are thoughtful, wise, honest and reliable. However, they can be overly critical and become restless and impatient.

What is celebrated on September 1?

Are you wondering, after all, what day is September 1st? So, learn more about the Day of Physical Education Specialists, Corinthians Day, Ballerina Day, Santa Beatriz da Silva Day and the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

Professional day of physical education

On September 1st, the Day of Physical and Physical Culture Specialists or simply “Physical and Health Education Teacher’s Day” is celebrated annually.

This day honors the profession responsible for preserving the health and activity of the human body. Ability to collect and teach techniques and methods used in various sports practiced today.

In addition, the physical education teacher instills values ​​such as teamwork, following rules and motivation.

Day of the Corinthians

Corinthians Day is celebrated on September 1, in commemoration of the founding of the club in 1910.

In honor of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, which won its first championship in the Paulista League in 1914, a commemorative date was created.

Ballerina day

In Brazil, September 1st is celebrated every year as Dancer’s Day or Dancer’s Day.

This day honors ballet dancers, a type of dance that originated in Renaissance Europe in the 15th century and reached its peak in the 19th century.

Today there are numerous variations of ballet, all based on two main styles, classical and contemporary.

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The following dates for the month of August

  • September 2 – Saint Dorothea, Day of florists and Day of photojournalists;
  • September 3 – Day of Biologists and Day of St. Gregory the Great, Day of the Civil Guard and Day of People’s Organizations;
  • September 4 – Saint Rosalia Day and World Taekwondo Day;
  • September 5 – Amazon Day, National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness and Outreach Day, Brazilian Pharmacist Day, Amazonian Emancipation Anniversary, International Charity Day, Race Day and Brother’s Day;
  • September 6 – Tailor’s Day and Sex Day;

Monday is the day that orixá?

Ochosi is orixá Thursday. He is a hunter, lord of the forest, symbolized by the bow and arrow. Blue and green are his primary colors, and the latter is most associated with the forest. To save Ochosi, we say ke arô!

Who is the saint of September 1st?

Today, September 1, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Santa Beatriz da Silva. See all about religious history below:

Day of Saint Beatriz da Silva

The day of Saint Beatriz da Silva is usually celebrated on September 1st, but it can also be celebrated on August 17th.

Beatriz da Silva was born in Ceuta, then a Portuguese territory, in 1424, and died in Toledo, Spain, in 1490. She is considered the protector of the poor.

She belonged to the Portuguese nobility. Since he received a Franciscan education from childhood, he developed a deep interest in religion, especially in the figure of Our Lady.

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

On September 1, the Catholic Church celebrates the International Day of Prayer for the Protection of Creation. The date established by Pope Francis in 2015 has universal significance because it has been celebrated by the Orthodox Church since 1989.

Today, the Pope personally invites us and asks us to reflect on creation. This date is added to the time of creation, which Christian communities around the world celebrate from September 1 to October 4, the day of St. Francis of Assisi.

September 1: completion

Although September 1 is not a national holiday, the date has celebrations of great importance. In this sense, the Catholic Church today celebrates the Day of Saint Beatriz da Silva. In this way, the orixá on Thursday is Oxóssi.

In short, today’s commemoration is: Day of Physical Education Specialists, Day of Corinthians, Day of Dancers, Day of Saint Beatriz da Silva and World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

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