Public advertisement provides R$ 2.5 million for organizations and collectives that fight against racism in the education sector – 09/01/2022. – News

Applications are open until Tuesday (6) for the public notice “Education and Black Identities: The Politics of Racial Equity,” promoted by the Baobá Fund for Racial Equity, with support from Imaginable Futures and the Lemann Foundation. The public announcement has a national character and will select black organizations, groups and collectives that work in education, implement or promote strategies to fight racism in formal and informal educational institutions and strive to strengthen the leadership and representation of blacks in decision-making – creating space and power through programs, actions and public policies. Applications must be made through the website.
Adriano Abreu

Aiming to contribute to black organizations, groups and collectives working to combat racism and promote racial equality in the education sector, the financial subsidy for the Baobá initiative comes from Imaginable Futures and the Lemann Foundation. 10 organizations will be selected and each will receive R$ 175 thousand, along with technical support for project implementation.

“As a private social investment organization, we understand our responsibility to a system based on white supremacy and other forms of injustice. What we call the “JEDI” principles (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) guide everything we do. They guide our beliefs, support our strategy and shape our culture, operations and actions. Supporting public awareness aimed at promoting racial equality through education is of fundamental importance to us, as we believe that equitable access to learning is fundamental to healthy, just and prosperous societies. Every person should have the opportunity to learn and realize the future he envisions,” says Fabio Tran, Investment Director for Brazil at Imaginable Futures.

Each selected organization will receive R$ 175 thousand

Ten selected black organizations, groups and collectives will each receive R$ 175,000 in order to be able to implement the projects they will present within 18 months (1 and a half years). Applications for the public tender will be open from August 3 and can be submitted free of charge until September 6 on the Baobá Fund website (

Admittedly, the black population, in its plurality, is the most affected when it comes to racism within educational institutions, especially in terms of lack of access and quality of education. The promotion of racial equality, proposed by various organizations operating in the country, could reduce this negative effect and change the scenario of education. This is an opportunity to strengthen the strategies of anti-racist activism, praise and consolidate the quest for rights, chart the paths that lead current and future leaders to influence, propose and make meaningful and fair decisions in educational policies.

“A lot of evidence shows the impact of racism in Brazil. There are losses for the black population’s trajectory in all areas, even when compared to white populations of the same socioeconomic level. In education, learning inequalities are striking. Therefore, in our plan for the next decade, the Lemann Foundation has made the fight against racial inequalities a priority, putting it at the center of all our activities. This centrality to racial equality in our long-term plan builds on a number of initiatives implemented at the Foundation in recent years. Supporting this public notice, which opens up opportunities for projects that promote equality in education, is part of this commitment,” says Camila Pereira, Director of Impact at Fundação Lemann.

Ten selected entities will also receive technical support, participate in trainings promoted by the Baobá Fund and Communities of Practice promoted by Imaginable Futures and the Lemann Foundation. The call for Education and Black Identity: The Politics of Racial Equality can be configured as an opportunity for social change that begins in education.

“Public notice is an opportunity to confront racism, promote the defense of rights, encourage leadership, resistance and resilience of black people who are in organizations, groups and collectives and operate in the field of education. formal – kindergarten, primary, secondary school, higher education institutions -, as well as in informal spaces where educational activities are also carried out,” says Fernanda Lopes, director of the Baobá Fund program.

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