IV IMPORT The Education Congress gathers more than a thousand people

ON IV IMPORT Education Congresswith the theme “Education in Debate: Inspirations and Provocations”, held on August 30 at the Technological Park in São José dos Campos (SP), was attended by more than 1,000 people who could attend in person or online.

Debaters on top of the congress stage.  The two are sitting.

Debaters Luciana Hubner, from Fundação Civita; Nuricel Aguilera, from the Alpha Lumen Institute (Photo: Disclosure)

The event’s ambassador was Osiris Silva, the founder of Embraer and a great supporter of education combined with technology.

The INVOZ Congress gathered managers, experts, educators, students and entrepreneurs with startup experience. All with a common goal: to improve the educational process in public and private networks, promoting more and more knowledge with quality, technology and, consequently, resulting in employability.

The opening was attended by regional and national authorities and the presentation of the band FUNDHAS.

IV INVOZ’s educational congress brought together lectures and debates with the mediation of journalist Rui Gonçalves, INVOZ’s director for culture.

In the morning, philosopher Lúcia Helena Galvão held an introductory lecture on “Philosophy in education – inspirations and provocations”.

With a philosophical orientation based on pedagogy, she presented advice to teachers on how to create a bond of empathy and connection with their students and be a factor of transformation in their lives.

The main advice was for teachers to encourage students to show their talent.

Then a round table was formed with Luciana Hubner, from Fundação Civita; Nuricel Aguilera, from the Alpha Lumen Institute; Tatiana Klix, from Plataforma Porvir and Marcelo Lima, from Quero Educação. In the debate, the debaters had a common point: how to restore students’ interest in studying in a post-pandemic school.

They agree that technology is a good ally and can be a tool for justice, as long as it is accompanied by humanities such as: philosophy, sociology, art and culture.

The school must know how to work on the socio-emotional relationships of students and teachers who were sad, depressed and disinterested during the period of isolation from Covid-19.

Afternoon, Helton Souto Limahead of the Educational Solutions Center, in the vice president for expansion and institutional relations of the Ayrton Senna Institute, who has been working in the field of education for 25 years and in cooperation with the departments for education and project implementation, gave a lecture on the challenge and importance of saving the appreciation of public education.

Stage IV of INVOZ Education Congress

Helton Souto Lima from the Ayrton Senna Institute (Photo: Disclosure)

According to Helton Lima, quality education must reach everyone through guidance, knowledge, research, teacher training and material training.

For him, improving human capital will be responsible for reducing inequality.

Helton, who had students in his audience who could ask questions, was moved when one of them said that the change for better quality and greater interest in studies must be made now, at the time of the return to schools.

Tiago Scaff, from Startup Xperience, took part in the afternoon debate; Micaele Vitória Cavalcante Gomes, a passionate astronomy enthusiast and founder of the Sciety Lab Institute, which encourages interest in science; Rodrigo Dib, from Galena, and Rui Arle, from Startup Napp Solutions.

For debaters, education combined with technology is transformative.

There is a market where young people would come, including those who want a career in entrepreneurship.

According to them, a student must be ready to solve problems, manage crises and know how to have resilience, passion and vision for the future.

The second afternoon lecture had the topic “Global Vision of Education”, with André Guadalupe and Ademar Celedônia, who emphasized the importance of teachers.

They agree that technology helps the teacher in the process of training students, but that it is up to the teacher to develop creative thinking and awaken curiosity, creativity, communication, citizenship, compassion, cooperation and control in terms of resilience.

Also according to André and Ademar, in order for the educational transformation and improvement of the teaching profession to occur globally, good educational leadership for the state must emerge in the public sphere.

On the occasion of the closing of the IV INVOZ educational congress, prize games were held for scholarships with a 70% discount of the Faculdade UNYLEYA and subscription to Club Maker, followed by a musical performance by the string quartet Luz da Ribalta.

“We managed to gather the main names of supporters of education in the country. They are experts with experience in the public and private education sectors. Some of them had training in public schools for a while, and others worked directly with teachers. At this INVOZ congress, it was possible to present some proposed solutions so that education and technology would be effective tools for realizing the dreams of many students, especially in this post-pandemic phase,” concludes Neide Pereira Pinto, vice president of INVOZ. Institute.

This year’s IV INVOZ Education Congress had some exhibitors, such as UNYLEYA Faculty, a 100% EAD institution in Brazil, with 26 undergraduate courses and more than 100 graduate courses.

Comparative congress presenters.

Congress exhibitors (Photo: Disclosure)

THE KUKKA Educationan edtech startup that supports young people and teenagers, and also operates in corporate education and the production of digital educational materials.

THE ZAPTYa startup in the technological education segment that stood out at the largest education fair in Latin America, Bett Educar.

THE experience, an edtech specializing in augmented reality with the goal of transforming education through the use of immersive technologies. It is a partner of Samsung Electronics and Nexus and the Amazon AWS EdStart program. In France, it is incubated at Laval Technopole and is part of the Startups l’École project in Paris.

THE Self-intelligence for life, which develops games and interactive platforms for apps that promote the practice of personalized training. With the achievement of the goals, they adjust the student’s routine to the goals related to learning, metacognitive skills and autonomy.

Together, the cloud applications provide real-time performance management for students, schools, families and teachers.

THE beginningwhich is an innovation ecosystem for educational transformation, with personalized solutions, people-centric and supported by technology to contribute to the entire educational journey.

THE EDUINFOwhich develops school solutions to improve student and teacher learning through the pillars of: innovative furniture, educational technology, architectural projects and training.

THE The Phoenix Associationa non-profit organization that helps more than 500 families in Jacareí and São José dos Campos through workshops, social programs, delivery of basic food baskets and soups to the homeless.

ON SENAI, one of the five largest vocational education complexes in the world and the largest in Latin America. The network has 92 fixed units, including the Santos Dumont school, in São José dos Campos.

Next to the school, there is the SENAI Institute of Metalworking Technology, which provides technical and technological assistance to companies through a broad structure of laboratories, researchers and experts.

THE ETEP, which maintains a pioneering approach to teaching methodology aimed at promoting qualifications based on solid pillars. Innovations, improvements and outstanding commitments keep the institution connected to research and technological innovation projects that enable development across borders, exporting talent to the world.

Enrollment forms: New secondary school, with the possibility of technical education. technologist, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

ON Master of gamescreated with the purpose of saving the crazy at heart man and improving interpersonal relationships worn out by everyday life, bringing healthy fun and healthy emotions into homes and their families.

THE CLAIMa class entity in the Chácaras Reunidas district of São José dos Campos that promotes numerous actions in favor of the technological and professional development of its associates.

About the IV Congress of Education

The IV Education Congress is organized by INVOZ – Integrating Voices for the Future – and has been held since 2019. In 2022, it was sponsored by KPMG and supported by COOPEREMB, Centro Universitário ETEP and Faculdade Unyleya, with institutional support from EDUSPACE, Instituto Ayrton Senna, Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo, FUNDHAS, Instituto Empreendedor do Futuro, ZAPTY and Rede Vanguarda, Technological Park of S. José dos Campos, Municipality of S. José dos Campos and Municipality of Porto Alegre (Department of Education).

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