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The Internet is full of pitfalls that every user should be aware of. In the case of Brazilians, some websites try to take ownership of the data, there are malware and programs everywhere that can be downloaded and seriously damage your operating system. Therefore, knowing some best practices related to Internet security never hurts.

Whether it’s for those who browse the internet via mobile devices or even those who use a computer to browse the web, knowing how to protect yourself makes things better. After all, it will be possible to access websites and download without worrying about your data being downloaded by third parties.

Below are some best practices to avoid problems when browsing the Internet and learn how you can adopt them in your daily life.

Browse more securely using a virtual private network

The first tip for those who want to have more security when browsing the Internet is to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This technology is available for desktop and mobile devices and helps protect users’ data while they browse websites or download programs to their device.

Whether you install on your Android or download VPN for iPhone on your iOS, Virtual Private Network comes into play as one of the most important tools for those who want to stay safe when accessing websites and downloading. After all, it has very advanced security protocols.

These protocols generate multiple layers of protection for the data of users who have a VPN installed and allow them to access different websites without third-party access in an easy way. Because the user’s browsing data is fully encrypted.

In short, a VPN works as a protective mask, where your data is encrypted and the end server cannot access information that actually belongs to the browser. For example, if you use a virtual private network to access a website, the destination website will not receive your actual information.

On the contrary, the information received by the end server is encrypted data that does not represent the information on your device. This technology is certainly the best choice for those who want greater protection when browsing the Internet.

Opt for trusted sites

Another very important point for those who want to be safe when browsing the Internet is to always choose trusted sites. It is possible that you have already accessed a page that has HTTPS in front of the address. For example, here at Tudorondonia we have HTTPS before our website address.

This HTTPS is nothing but an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. That is, the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The letter “s” in HTTPS stands for Secure. However, some pages do not have an “s” at the end, as they are only available in HTTP format. This should be a warning sign to anyone browsing the internet.

After all, if a website doesn’t have an HTTPS “s”, it’s possible that it doesn’t have the same security protocols as a website that does. In this way, always prefer to access and register on sites that have an additional security protocol to protect your data.

This may seem like a very basic practice, but it is essential to ensure that you have filled out your website information or viewed it in complete security. Therefore, between a website with HTTP and another with HTTPS, always give preference to websites that have an additional security protocol, both on your smartphone and on your computer.

Avoid unnecessary downloads

Downloading a program is always something you have to pay close attention to. Finally, when you access some websites, some software may start automatically downloading to your device, even without you asking. This might seem like a big help in preventing multiple download buttons from being clicked.

However, if you don’t know what program is being downloaded, simply remove that file from your device as soon as possible. For those who use mobile devices, it is always best to give preference to downloading apps found on Google Play or Apple Store.

After all, apps found in app stores must meet strict security requirements to ensure they are safe for users.

Combine best practices and browse safely

Now that you know all the best practices for safe browsing, adopt them today and protect your computer as well as your mobile device much more. Not only is it good for your device, but it’s also very good for you.

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