Brazil needs democratic education

published on 01.09.2022 at 06:00

(credits: Caio Gomez)

ARTUR MARQUES DA SILVA FILHO – retired judge of the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo and president of the Association of Public Servants of the State of São Paulo

In 200 years of independence, 133 since the proclamation of the Republic and 34 since the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution, the milestone of our autonomy as a nation and the affirmation of our democracy, it is time to move forward in terms of political maturity. . Extreme polarization, verbal harshness, intolerance and fake news, as has been observed more and more often for some time, cause social tensions and put pressure on institutions.

With every election, like this coming up, we can’t have the uncomfortable feeling of a breakup. Parties, holders of elected positions and candidates, as well as their sympathizers and voters, cannot act as enemies. Strictly speaking, they are opponents, in a legitimate dispute for power and from whose discussion ideas capable of solving national problems must spring and develop.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the parties, the authorities of the Republic, the authorities and people of different ideologies is disturbed in the country. There is excessive patrolling, a tone of threats, accusations and arrogance that are not always true, and lucidity replaces ignorance. Such shortcomings are reflected in the election campaign, impairing the clarity of speech and the understanding of the program platforms of the various candidates.

Such a climate is the opposite of what Brazil needs. There are enormous challenges that governors, federal and state representatives, senators and the President of the Republic who will be elected in October have to face. We must overcome economic stagnation, resume growth, restore millions of jobs lost in the pandemic, overcome the threat of inflation, modernize infrastructure, improve public health and advance universal free education.

What does each candidate specifically propose to meet these priority requirements? No one knows, because the space they have in the press, social networks and debates is wasted by empty rhetoric, mutual accusations and phrases. Few have access to the government programs of each postulant. Furthermore, verbal rudeness overshadows suggestions and eventually monopolizes attention.

Another reasonable question concerns the absence of consultation of parties and candidates with the bodies of the administrative machinery of the states, the Union and their legislative bodies. Thus, the valuable contribution that a career civil service could make is wasted. These civil servants have proven experience and knowledge and can make good and consistent proposals for formulating effective public policies.

We must make progress in building state programs, have more cheerfulness in discussions and be aware of the great importance of engaging in politics. The rule of law and the electoral process must be unconditionally respected by all. Any casuistry that conspires against the sovereign decisions and choices of voters expressed in the truth of the ballot box is inadmissible.

Democracy is the greatest achievement of a nation. We must respect it and strengthen institutions. Its greatest moment was marked precisely by the elections in which citizens choose those who will hold political power on their behalf. Therefore, clear proposals, less aggressiveness and more urbanity, are essential, so that people understand and choose the programs that best suit their expectations, desires and ideological profile. The country needs democratic education, starting with the candidates themselves.

Such an attitude of conscience belongs to everyone, starting with the authorities and candidates, who must set an example of civility and respect for institutions. The eternity and strengthening of democracy, which rank us with the most advanced and advanced nations, condition the factors for the sustainability of a more developed and happier Brazil.

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