How to choose a keyboard? Discover the models and find out which one is best for you.

One of the most important accessories for your computer is keyboard. Responsible for sending all the desired commands to the machine, be it for work, programming, gaming, among other activities, having a comfortable peripheral makes a big difference in the result of a few hours spent in front of a computer or laptop.

To help those setting up a new setup or simply looking for a device that meets their basic computing needs, Hypeness explains the difference between the main types of keyboards and their purpose. That way you can find out which model is best for you. Continue reading!

How to choose a keyboard?

If you’re looking for a new peripheral, the first step is to understand the purpose of the keyboard in your routine and what type of connection you’re looking for. This is because there are fixed and mobile models with variations that can help the user’s performance.

Your wired keyboard models, for example, are great for people who use fixed devices like desktop computers or who always leave their environment set up in the same place. Since the communication takes place by cable, the response time is instantaneous, but the peripheral does not give the user as much freedom of transportation.

already keyboard models with bluetooth connection, on the other hand, give the user greater freedom, enabling easy transport, as well as work at a certain distance from the connected device. Some models even have the ability to integrate more than one device at the same time, which makes their use even easier. The downside is that the bluetooth connection takes place through the transmission of frequencies, there may be failures or delays in the communication between the keyboard and the computer.

What are the keyboard models and what is the purpose of each of them?

There are currently three types of keyboards: membrane, mechanical and optical. Your membrane keyboards are the most popular models and standard for notebook computers. They have a flexible layer of plastic under the keys that execute commands on the machine. As communication takes place on a key-by-key basis, it may happen that the device does not recognize some keys when they are pressed simultaneously.

Unlike the previous model, mechanical keyboard has an individual trigger for each button, called a switch. That way, they don’t tend to malfunction when more than one key is pressed at the same time. Additionally, the mechanical keyboard’s response time is instant, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gaming keyboard.

ON optical keyboard it has similar functionality to the previous model. The difference between these models is that the communication between the peripherals and the machine is faster and quieter in this case. Therefore, in addition to being valid for those who like to play, it is important to consider if there is a disturbance from the sound of the keys.

In addition to the variety of models, design and specific uses such as lighting or only numeric keys are factors that will influence the user when buying a new keyboard. Now check out some options among the models previously available on Amazon Brazil.

  • K70 Rainbow Membrane Keyboard, Motospeed – R$105.04
  • K380 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Logitech – R$255.99
  • G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Logitech – R$1099.00
  • USB gaming keyboard K110, HP – R$ 168.99
  • Optical keyboard Gamer Magic Wand, Redragon – R$ 365.54

Mechanical keyboard, optical keyboard and more models to choose the right one for you

K70 Rainbow Membrane Keyboard, Motospeed – R$105.04

With a sleek and super comfortable design, it has rainbow lights and the efficiency of a membrane keyboard. Its keys are double-injected, which means they don’t wear out and have failure resistance of up to 10 million clicks. Find it on Amazon for R$105.04.

K380 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Logitech – R$255.99

K380 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Logitech

The multi-device keyboard brings the comfort and convenience of typing on your desktop, smartphone, tablet, laptop and more. It allows you to switch the connection with up to three different devices at the same time, it is compact and light, perfect to accompany you every day. Available on Amazon for R$255.99.

G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Logitech – R$1099.00

G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Logitech

A compact and sophisticated design, it combines innovative technologies and a set of features that allow more space for the mouse to move around the table. With low mechanical keys, it is capable of providing up to 40 hours of continuous gaming on a full charge. Find it on Amazon for R$1099.00.

USB gaming keyboard K110, HP – R$ 168.99

K110 USB gaming keyboard, HP

With a membrane system, it has a robust design with buttons and is quiet. Its surface is resistant to liquid spillage. It has 4 indicator lights, height adjustment bars and USB cable connection. Available on Amazon for R$168.99.

Optical keyboard Gamer Magic Wand, Redragon – R$ 365.54

Optical keyboard Gamer Magic Wand, Redragon

With optical switches optimized for gaming and typing, it’s the perfect peripheral to accompany you on a daily basis. It has a USB port and silent buttons. It has a magnetic wrist rest and an auxiliary tool set for removing the switch. Find it on Amazon for R$365.54.

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