The Clube do Bem-te-vi Theater animates and conducts traffic education for São Miguel Arcanjo students – Várze Paulista City Hall

More than 600 elementary school students learned traffic tips, with lots of music, excitement and dancing; programming in municipal schools ends next Friday (1st)

This Tuesday (28) was very musical and lively for the primary school students of Cemeb São Miguel Arcanjo (Jardim América IV): it was a day for the presentations of the Club do Bem-te-vi (led by the military police of São Paulo and Detran) in the municipal school. In a very interactive and musical way, the puppet theater, in the presence of several municipal authorities, provided more than 600 children, their teachers and school management with a lot of important information about traffic. The aim of the initiative, the result of a partnership between the Prime Minister, Detran-SP and the municipal traffic management and education units of Várze Paulista, is to raise awareness among children and force them to multiply the traffic advice they have learned.

Throughout the story, several characters, such as the traffic police, the “pedestrian crossing,” and the mischievous Marcellin, give instructions such as not releasing a kite in the middle of the street, not using wax, not driving while talking on a cell phone, among others. Children are encouraged to participate all the time, creating a very productive interactivity to keep their attention and generate the desired knowledge.

Mayor Várzea Pauliste, Professor Rodolfo Braga, participated in the interaction with the children during the afternoon, asking questions, including the meaning of the traffic lights. After the theater, he pointed out that the little ones can count on the Military Police. “These cops are your new friends. The City Hall recently made an agreement with the Battalion of our city, to help us with traffic, and the news you will like: On July 1, the Military Police Fire Brigade will be officially opened here in the municipality, ”he told the children.

“I want to thank the Military Police once again for showing you that they are friends and that they are there to help, assist and guide you. Once again, a big thank you to PM, Detran and Transit Unit, who always work great in our city! Thanks again to Corporal João Carlos, who is retiring but will not leave us, he will visit Várze Paulist and we will certainly miss him very much. Thank you, teachers, for the work that is being done with the greatest raw material in the world: developing the ability to think! Our management also wants to appreciate them “, concluded the representative.

Corporal João Carlos, a member of the Clube do Bem-te-vi for 20 years, will retire next Friday (1st) after a 26-year career in the São Paulo military police. In this long window within the traffic education program can be found in the presentations in Várzea Paulista, who started receiving the play in 2013. years.

School principal, Denise Aparecida Souza, Trânsita municipal manager, Marco Bueno, municipal director of special education projects, Vani de Paula, Trânsita municipal executive director, Oseas Martins, and GCM commander (Municipal Civil Guard), Dejair Pellini and city event director councilors, Jota Moreira, were among the municipal authorities present at the afternoon presentation.

Program ends next Friday (1st)

In Maio Amarello, the Bem-te-vi play was received by the Anísio Teixeira School (Jardim América II) on May 30, and from June 20 the Clube to Bem-te-vi performs in other municipal schools – six have already been awarded: Manoel Caetano de Almeida (Residencial Alexandria), Father Wilfrido Wieneke (Residencial Aimoré), Mayor João Aprillanti (Vila Santa Terezinha), Professor Carlos de Almeida (Jardim Promeca), Professor Oswaldo Pires (Vila Tupi) and São Miguel Arcanjo; two will host the show: Erich Becker (Cidade Nova II), this Wednesday (29th) and, on Friday (1st), Palmyra professor Aurora D’Almeida Rinaldi (Parque Guarani).

By the end of all these performances in nine schools more than 2000 students will enjoy the puppet show of the program.

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