In the Forum, Rakuten Advertising shows you how to order conversions even without clicking on the ad

In the next issue of Brazilian e-commerce forum, the leading e-commerce event in Latin America and the third largest in the world, according to Forrester Research, Rakuten Advertising will present details on offline tracking code – which simplifies affiliate marketing and expands the reach of advertisers. The new solution connects brands with audiences from new channels such as podcasts and social networks, even when they don’t have linked links to product pages.

Launched by a Japanese company specializing in advertising technology and digital marketing, the new feature takes brands beyond traditional channels, allowing them to further explore a marketing strategy based on partnerships with publishers and content producers delivering online advertising – within a global network of approximately 150,000 Rakuten Advertising branch office. A move that makes a lot of sense given the huge growth of social networks and podcasts, the modalities in which Brazil is the third country to consume the most content in the world, according to the combined data of Hootsuite, WeAreSocial, Statista and IBOPE.

With offline tracking code, advertisers gain the power to reward affiliates with a commission to generate conversions even when there is no associated click, and even on channels where links are not allowed. This is done through offline codes, which can be assigned to affiliates through the coupon allocation tool available on the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Dashboard.

These unique codes, which can be used virtually anywhere there is advertising, allow you to pay a commission for related conversions – even when there are no related ads. In this way, brands gain a new way of reaching their target audience, expanding the strategy to new affiliates with codes, new audiences and new channels, increasing conversions and generating revenue.

The benefits also extend to affiliates, who pay for conversions even when the click doesn’t happen on a consumer’s journey, in addition to being able to strengthen partnerships with an even wider range of brands. Offline tracking code removes browsers, cookies, and clicks from the Performance Partnership model, allowing you to expand your brand campaigns to new and unknown channels. As a result, publishers add value not only to online marketing channels, but also to offline users who may not turn to clickable ads.

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“We will take advantage of the tremendous visibility it provides Brazilian e-commerce forum to highlight this new additional layer that we have added to the subsidiary tracking solution package and commissioning tools. The goal is to further increase opportunities for brands that want to be together with consumers where they choose to spend their time, in a customized way, while attracting new subsidiaries to our network of strategic partners, ”says Luiz Tanisho, Vice President of Rakuten Advertising in Brazil.

ON Brazilian e-commerce forum will be held in person on July 26 and 27, 2022 at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo (SP). The event returns after a three-year hiatus, due to social distancing measures adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic, to promote a great encounter of the e-commerce ecosystem.

According to the organization, the forum includes more than 7,500 companies classified as retailers (more than half, with 53%), suppliers (24%) and industry (16%), among others. With 220 exhibitors and 30 countries involved, the event is estimated to generate R $ 300 million in business creation. It is expected to attract a qualified audience of 15,000 people, of whom 54% are C-level managers and decision makers.

The forum, which has been held every year in São Paulo since 2010, has simultaneous lecture halls, a business lounge and panelists from some of the most important e-commerce companies in Brazil and the world.

Part of the Rakuten Group, Inc., one of the world’s leading Internet services companies, Rakuten Advertising connects leading agencies, brands and subsidiaries with active and engaged consumers around the world. With access to a variety of media features and strategic audiences, associated with an award-winning performance network and protected consumer insights, the company creates the right conditions for thousands of advertisers from different segments to reach new customers and maintain lasting loyalty.

With the foundations of advanced technology, data and strategic services, Rakuten Advertising offers a differentiated set of marketing and advertising solutions, contributing to the continuous growth of the e-commerce market.

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